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Who Is The Lyricist Behind Udta Punjab’s ‘Ikk Kudi’ Song?

By: Jasmine Singh | February 28, 2022

Music has a language of its own and each song has a deep meaning to it which attracts the listener to listen to it on repeat. There have been many rich songs in the history of Punjabi music and one of the most loved songs in contemporary times has been ‘Ikk Kudi’. So who wrote the song which was listened to so widely?

The song ‘Ikk Kudi’ is from the 2016 crime drama ‘Udta Punjab’. The song was sung by Shahid Mallya for the film and another version was recorded by our Punjabi superstar Diljit Dosanjh and Alia Bhatt. Also Read: Movie Updates: Films Releasing In March 2022!

With lyrics like 
‘O soorat oss di pariyaan wargi
Seerat di o marriam lagdi
Hasti hai taan phul jhad'de ne
Turdi hai taan ghazal hai lagdi’

The song became a fan favorite as soon as it reached the audience. But who was the talent behind these meaningful lyrics? Also Read: What Is The Name Of The Female Model In The Punjabi Song ‘Dilli Sara’?

Well, it was none other than Late Shiv Kumar Batalvi. To tell you more about the poet, Batalvi was born in 1936. Today, Batalvi’s poetry is considered equal to the works of veteran poets like Mohan Singh and Amrita Pritam, who are well-recognized names on both sides of the border, i.e. India and Pakistan. Also Read: Do You Know About Shahid Kapoor’s Punjabi Connection?

Also, Batalvi became the youngest recipient of the Sahitya Akademi Award for literature. However, ‘Ikk Kudi’ is not the only writing of Batalvi that has been taken up by modern singers, his poems like ‘Ajj Din Chhadeya Tere Rang Varga’, ‘Maye Ni Maye’ and ‘Shabab’ have also been adapted and sung as songs in films and albums.

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