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This Comment On Mankirat Aulakh's TR Di Pantan Is Too Funny!

By: Neena | December 31, 2016

Mankirat Aulakh is releasing a new song titled 'TR diyan Pantan' , the audio of which is already there on Swag Records' YouTube channel.

Before listening to the song ik gal ta pakki aa ke sareya ne google zaroor krna ke baiji eh TR kitho da brand aa?

(Comedian Sahil Khattar Is Super Funny In Punjabis On The Phone !)

Lols and we shouldn't be surprised if one day we see exclusive retail stores of this brand opening up in Punjab, thanks to the rage our Punjabi songs create among the youth and that too at a global level.

While I was listening to the song myself, I came across a comment and literally burst my lungs by laughing too hard!

Bwahahahahahahahaa...also for the next track, people even had suggestions!

and advice...

Though I personally adore the latest track 'Kadar Kree Di' by this singer but well..sometimes somethings are too funny to resist and who else should I share it with..after all mere fraaand ta tusi ee ho naaaa!


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