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Britain’s First Female Powerlifter Is A Sikh! Do You Know Her Story?

By: Jasmine Singh | February 7, 2022

We always talk about how Sikhs are working hard and making their name worldwide. Today, we have yet another name to add to this list— Karenjeet Kaur Bains.

Karenjeet Kaur Bains proves what the Sikh community believes in when she showcases her strength and becomes an inspiration for women. Kaur became the first British-Sikh woman to represent Great Britain in powerlifting. Moreover, she is proud of her heritage and makes sure to use her middle name ‘Kaur’ which is a clear distinction. Also Read: Actors Hobby Dhaliwal and Mahie Gill Join Politics!

To tell you a bit more about Karenjeet Kaur, she was born on July 23, 1996, and lives with her family in Warwickshire, England. It was only when she was 17 that she decided to step into the arena and try powerlifting. It was her first time in an amateur powerlifting competition but her raw strength surprised everyone and thus began the long and successful journey of Karenjeet Kaur Bains.

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As of today, she is not just the first female to represent Great Britain, but also has won several accolades of which the most notable are the 2019 Commonwealth Championship in the under 63kg category and placing top 10 in the World and European Championships. Also Read: How Are Indian Punjabi And Pakistani Punjabi Different?

However, the best things in life don’t come easy and same was the case for Kaur, but throughout this journey, she had her family, especially her father and mentor Kuldip Singh Bains as the driving force behind her. Kuldeep Singh Bains was a former bodybuilder and powerlifter himself and an engineer as well. With his guidance and experience, not just Karenjeet Kaur but their whole family got a chance to get involved in the sport.

As far as her background is concerned, Kaur did not start from strength sports, she was originally a sprinter like her elder twin brothers Parminder and Pardeep who were national-level 400-meter hurdlers. Also Read: 10 Reasons Why A Punjabi Girl Is The Perfect Date!

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Not only this, both of her parents have strong athletic pedigrees— even though Karenjeet’s mother Manjit Kaur Bains did not get to pursue sports or complete her education as she came from a rural background in India, watching her children study and play so well sparked an interest and Manjit too completed her studies. Also, she started running and has won many awards and medals at this age.

Karenjeet loves watching and getting inspired by her mother who pursued her interests whenever she got a chance even after the difficulties she had faced in the past. Also Read: If You’re Listening To AP Dhillon Recently, You Ought To Know Who Gurinder Gill Is!

In an interview with another publication, Karenjeet even shared that “I insist on having my full name — Karenjeet Kaur Bains — because the middle name is quite distinctive of a Sikh person...I also wear a kara, a bangle, one of the five religious symbols you can wear as a Sikh person. I have Shabad in my head when I’m on the platform and I’m lifting. It helps keep me focused if I think of God”.

Aside from powerlifting, Kaur has a host of other things going on in her life. She is an ambassador for Brawn, a community app for strength athletes, and is also a chartered accountant who works for KPMB in London. She even achieved first-class honors in accounting from Durham University. Also Read: 10 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About The Great Khali!

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Karenjeet considers her father her role model and believes that she is lucky to have parents who not only set an example for her but who are also always encouraging her academic and athletic pursuits. Now, her mother is joining in, starting to lift in the family’s gym too!

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