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Jatt Brothers Trailer Review: Not Too Excited But We’re Still Keeping A Close Watch On Jass Manak’s Acting!

By: Gurleen | February 3, 2022

A much-awaited trailer dropped recently; yes we are talking about the Jass Manak debut ‘Jatt Brothers’ trailer. So how could we not do a review! Well, without further ado, here’s the trailer review.

To tell you the credits, this film is written by Dheeraj Rattan and directed by Manav Shah. The film casts Guri, Jass Manak, Nikeet Dhillon and Priyanka Khera. Many are not aware of the fact that along with Jass Manak, this film also marks the debut of Priyanka Khera. Also Read: Karan Aujla Given Death Threats; Shots Fired At Friend’s House!

Coming to what the trailer showcases, though we've seen Guri and Nikeet together in ‘Sikander 2’, but we believe that the limelight is primarily hogged by Guri and Jass’ pairing. They have been shown as a friendly duo wherein Guri is supposedly the guy from a low-end background while Jass Manak is shown to be a rich guy.

The trailer starts off with both friends conveniently chatting and as the storyline opens you see that Jass Manak is the one playing the Casanova, on the other hand, Guri is a friend who keeps supporting but in the end loses all the girls he even liked.

The film’s story gives you nostalgia since we’ve seen similar storylines and it feels like this is nothing new as many Bollywood films supporting a similar storyline have been already made. Furthermore, as expected a mutual misunderstanding occurs which is the climax of the film. Also Read: This Punjabi Is A Trillionaire At 18! Do You Know His Story?

Towards the end of the trailer, to make it more light-hearted the director again takes the story to a comic side. Throughout the trailer, we see a convincingly repetitive storyline of two friends, refreshingly new entry into the Punjabi film sector which is Priyanka Khera’s, whom we’ve seen in the TV sector and has done good work. Though we couldn’t see much of her act, knowing that she is a polished actor, we hope that she does well on screen.  

Talking about Nikeet Dhillon, as said during ‘Sikander 2’, Nikeet really needs to work on her dialogue delivery which again was an issue in the trailer itself, leaving aside the full film stretch. If we talk about the boys, Guri is comparatively a better actor, as seen in ‘Sikander 2’, and he’s been carrying his role well throughout the trailer.

But, being the debut film of Jass Manak, we believe that Jass needs to be more polished in terms of acting as his emotions seemed very superficial. We believe that the trailer could have been better in parts but we’d still wait for the full film to release in theatres and then analyze whether this debutante actor of Punjabi cinema is worthy of appreciation or needs way more improvement in the near future. Also Read: Tejasswi Prakash Has Been Part Of A Punjabi Music Video?

If you haven’t, watch the trailer here:

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