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We've Got Our Hands On The Exclusive Press Launch Of Neeru Bajwa's Debut Film!

By: Jasmine Singh | January 27, 2022

Whenever we hear the name Neer Bajwa, what comes to our mind is the uber-famous, beautiful actress of the Punjabi industry. But even Neeru had to start somewhere right?

Most of her fans and Punjabi cinema fans are aware of the fact that she began her acting journey from the Bollywood movie ‘Main Solah Baras Ki’. Also Read: 10 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About The Great Khali!

The film was a 1998 release directed by Dev Anand. The plot of the story revolves around a director (played by Dev Anand), who is looking for a new actress to star in his upcoming Bollywood film. After finding no one in India, he continues his search in Europe primarily the U.K and Canada, finally, the U.S-United States, where he finds Madhu (played by Shaista Usta). The story even has a love triangle between Suniel (Jas Arora), Madhu and Dev Anand.

So coming back to the topic, we happened to stumble on old footage of the Press release conducted by Dev Anand before this film! Isn’t it exciting? Also Read: Do You Know How Much Badshah Charges For His Songs?

In the video, Anand can be heard saying that Neeru Bajwa would be a star in the future (and he wasn’t wrong!). Here’s the video:

To provide you with some trivia about the film, it was shot in three locations— Scotland, Rajasthan and Ladakh. Moreover, Prince Charles had attended the premiere of ‘Main Solah Baras Ki’ in England as Dev Anand focused the movie’s publicity more in foreign countries as compared to India. Also Read: Do You Know How India Celebrated Its First Ever Republic Day?

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