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6 Famous Punjabi Songs Based On Women Clothing

By: Harleen Kaur | January 27, 2022

All Punjabi songs follow the template of trying to woo a girl, what’s changed is now they gift these women expensive gifts, clothes, show-off cars and their luxurious lifestyles. One in every five Punjabi song titles is now based on a woman’s clothing item.

Following this trend, we have compiled a list of 5 pf the most famous Punjabi songs based around women's clothing! Also Read: 10 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About The Great Khali!


We are pretty sure that every Indian has heard Jass Manak’s ‘Lehenga’ so many times that it is engraved in your mind! The girl asking the guy for a designer lehenga while taunting him about the money he doesn’t like to spend is obviously something the audience likes, I mean that’s why it’s so famous right? Anyhow, be it the lyrics or the upbeat tune, this song can make the listener move to its beats anytime.


Every damn wedding! This song plays in every Punjabi wedding you can attend and since it is wedding season, Shivjot’s ‘Sharara’ can be heard everywhere. This song’s tune can definitely get anyone’s attention and make them groove to it even if one doesn’t understand the lyrics! Also Read: Do You Know How India Celebrated Its First Ever Republic Day?


Another Shivjot song that made it to the list. As per this one, “Je tin chaar gabru halak kite na, fayda ki palazzo paake nikli da?”, I mean… ofcourse that’s the only reason girls dress up. Not for themselves or anything. Keeping this thought aside, the peppy beat of this song was bound to become a fan favorite.


If we’re talking about famous Punjabi songs, how can we forget Guru Randhawa! After all his ‘Suit Suit’ got so many remixes that we don’t which one to listen to anymore. What’s fun in this song along with its beat is that Guru mentions not just suits but all kinds of women wear— “no jeans, no dresses, no tees… my queen, she’s in a Sari”. Also Read: Who Is The Female Model In Sandeep Brar’s ‘Chaar Din’ Song?

Suit Punjabi

Jass Manak’s ‘Suit Punjabi’ is yet another song worth mentioning here. Not the usual bhangra beat that these kinds of songs have, still this one is played on repeat be it during a gedi or at a party! Also, this one is different as it defines the girl wearing the suit instead of her asking her boyfriend to buy one.

Palazzo 2

Shivjot definitely has a connection with songs based on suits and such, I mean all his songs that come under the ‘women clothing’ category are huge hits! This one is no different, another lively beat that makes the listener want to get up and dance. Also Read: Cinematographer Vikcee Blessed With A Baby Boy!

Well, these are the songs we found the most captivating. It’s no surprise that 50% of this list is Shivjot! So we might not be wrong when we say that he has a special connection with these songs.

But you do comment below other songs like these that you listen to on repeat!

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