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Korala Maan Is Now Hitched!

By: Jasmine Singh | January 26, 2022

The Punjabi singer and lyricist Korala Maan is another name to add to the list of weddings in 2022. Though this wedding came as a surprise for many, it is official that Korala Maan is now married, as of 25th January 2022!

For the unversed, Korala Maan made his debut in 2017 with the song ‘Dadke Nadke’. After that, he released a number of songs like 'Filmy Scene', 'Barood Dil', 'Dismiss 141', and 'Bhai Log'. Maan also came out with the song 'Weapon Shoulder' against the farm bill during the protests. Also Read: Who Is The Female Model In Sandeep Brar’s ‘Chaar Din’ Song?

Even though not much was shared with the public, team GhaintPunjab caught glimpses of pictures and videos shared by other names from the Punjabi industry like Gurlez Akhtar and Bhindder Burj who congratulated the couple on social media.

The wedding was a private affair amongst the friends and family of the singer and his wife Amanpreet. At the same time, people like Manmohan Waris and Sidhu Moosewala can be seen enjoying the celebrations. Also Read: Movie Updates: Films Releasing In February 2022!

For all Korala Maan fans, we have compiled the videos and stories in a short video you can watch here:

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