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Who Is The Female Model In Sandeep Brar’s ‘Chaar Din’ Song?

By: Jasmine Singh | January 25, 2022

Models play an important role, especially in Punjabi music videos. I mean having female models around the singer is a must in today’s date and time. We see so many new faces in the industry every day that many go by unnoticed. But the one we are talking about today is the one in Sandeep Brar’s song ‘Chaar Din’.

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To give you a little background, the song ‘Chaar Din’ also called ‘Same Time Same Jagah’ was released in 2016. The singer is Sandeep Brar and Kuldwinder Billa also features in it. Moreover, the music was given by Gag Studioz while the video directing was with Frame Singh. The song received a lot of love from the listeners.

Coming on to the model in the video, it is none other than Kajal Behal. Also Read: Movie Updates: Films Releasing In February 2022!

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To tell you a little more about her, Behal is a Punjabi model who has featured in multiple music videos including ‘Five Year’, ‘Gabru’, ‘Dil’, ‘Raattan’ and ’66 Da Flat’ among others. She made her Punjabi film debut with ‘Rupinder Gandhi 2: The Robin Hood’ in 2017.  

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