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“Pushpa” OTT Film Review

By: Harleen Kaur | January 22, 2022

Film watchers in today’s date are growing smarter and smarter owing to not just the accessibility of content available but also the exclusion of the language barrier all thanks to the subtitles and dubbed versions available.

One such film which is getting much traction thanks to OTT is the Telugu film ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ which recently released a dubbed version on the OTT platform. So if you too have heard so much about this film, here is our review of it! Also Read: Jass Bajwa Starts New Venture!

Firstly, looking at the box office numbers and the constant recommendations I was getting, our hopes were super high. So when the Hindi version dropped in, I jumped at the opportunity. The first impression I got after watching this film was that Salman Khan has already been making action films like this which are hard to imagine in real life.

All these things were present in ‘Pushpa’ so if we compare this film with Bollywood, one can say that it is a Salman Khan film with a good storyline, strong concept, good cinematography, beautiful shots and scenes, and a superb supporting cast. Along with the leads Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna, the entire supporting cast gave their 100 percent to the film.

‘Pushpa’ is a typical masala film, just like South Indian films are famous for. Not to forget that Bollywood has these too! If we take the example, there are many Hindi films that make the viewer question the physics behind it or rather the lack thereof… Thus similar Bollywood films can also reach the level of ‘Pushpa’ with just an addition of a strong plot. Also Read: Jordan Sandhu Gets Married! Here Are All The Pictures!

The plot of ‘Pushpa’ revolves around an ordinary man, who has a tragic back story, which he is constantly reminded about by the people around him. After that, the character develops as such that his motto in life becomes to not bend in front of others, ever. The story descends from how Pushpa, a laborer becomes a red sandalwood smuggler.

There are parts in the storyline, as aforementioned that seem unbelievable, like one aspect the story develops is that Pushpa is invincible. Therefore, no one can provide harm to Pushpa whereas he can solve anything, defeat anyone, and overcome everything.

While looking at the action scenes, one can say that even though we always criticize the lack of physics in these scenes, somewhere the audience likes to see these and have fun too. Which is fair in a way, if the people don’t want realism and just want some drama and action in these films, why not! Also Read: Life & Times Of Sudha Chopra: The Actress Of Yesteryear

Coming to the negative points, especially for the Hindi dub version, according to an article I read, the meaning of the dialogues in Telugu means something but the same dialogues in Hindi mean the complete opposite! Just to give you an example, in a scene where the police ask Pushpa a question, he refers to the famous ‘naam toh suna hoga’ Bollywood dialogue and says “Pushpa, Yeh naam kabhi Sunna na pade” but in the original version, the policemen’s question is about his background being Tamilian, to which he says “I’m a hardcore Telugu”.

In a way, the Hindi version changes the meaning of the whole film and herein comes the debate between watching a film in its original language with subtitles and watching a dubbed version of the same film.

After watching the film it feels that it is somewhat over-hyped and not upto my expectations. As a one-time watch, this film works, but then the length of it is an issue too. Three hours for a film in today’s day and age is too much commitment. Also Read: Wamiqa Gabbi In Lead Cast For Indian Adaptation Of ‘Modern Love’!

Talking about the actors, Allu Arjun is obviously a well-known name and without doubt, he deserves it. On the other hand, Rashmika has been used in this film in the same way that a big-budget film uses the heroine to enhance the hero of the film and express his machoism. Otherwise, she doesn’t have a big role.

If we come to the direction of the film, it was very well done. The cinematography and sceneries, shots used need a special mention because they made me want to go there. Lastly, the kind of work South cinema is doing, I hope that Bollywood does so too.

Not to miss, Karan Johar said once that a film’s real potential is showcased only once it is available on satellite TV. Just to throw some more light on this, I don’t feel that Hindi cinema does the same amount of work for TV as South cinemas do. Also Read: Ronit Roy Was Aamir Khan’s Bodyguard For Two Years!?

Overall, I think that Telugu film has created a space for itself and made its audience pan India. The upcoming Telugu film, ‘RRR’ is another example of national-level content created by the Telugu film industry. It is a good time for the South Indian cinema as it is on the rise; if one wants to watch ‘Pushpa’, we can’t stop you but it still feels like an overrated film (maybe cause of Allu Arjun).

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