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Jayy Randhawa’s Take On Stardom That He Enjoys Today!

By: Krishma | January 17, 2022

Singer-model-actor Jayy Randhawa is not a new name in the industry. He started off his career as a VJ and TV anchor but then with his immense hard work he was able to create his niche in the industry. His super hit tracks including ‘Goriye’, ‘Star’, ‘Fitoor’ and many more have brought him a lot of appreciation and he was able to win millions of hearts.

It was owing to his endeavors Jayy bagged his first debut project with the promising and much controversial ‘Shooter’ but as the movie had its own fate, the release was also no less than an uphill climb. Also Read: Ronit Roy Was Aamir Khan’s Bodyguard For Two Years!?

Well, his dedication towards the project was apparent from the transformation that he had gone through for the project.

The stardom that he enjoys today is totally well-deserved but this doesn’t make him feel that he is a star. While talking exclusively to the team GhaintPunjab, he spilled beans over his thoughts on being a star. He states that for him it is not a big deal. Talking about the Bollywood stars including Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan, he reminisces his days as an anchor how every time he used to interview them, he would always wish to know as to how did they reach the heights they are at.

Furthermore, he states some of the artists really work hard and some of them are destined to be a superstar but both of them go parallel. Jayy reveals that an individual needs to go a long way before being called a star and that he has just crossed the first step on his ladder to success. Also Read: Shooter Film Review: Any Amount Of Praise Is Less. Simply A Must Watch!

Moreover, Jayy wants to move forward by taking risks and being a part of quality content in cinema. He wants to make amends and create more films from the parallel cinema genre and offer more opportunities to people like him who enter the industry. 

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