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This Is What Hardeep Singh Did Before Becoming A Singer!

By: Jasmine Singh | January 12, 2022

A lot has changed in the music world and not many remember Hardeep Singh, the veteran singer and voice behind the original version of ‘Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui’.

The singer is credited for other songs like ‘Shehar Patiale De’, ‘Chandigarh Shehar Di Kuri’, ‘Koka Mittran Da’, ‘Munde Gabhru Punjabi’, ‘Thehro Ni Thehro Ni’, ‘Dil Mangeya Te Gham Palle Paya’ And ‘Ghabru Putt Sardaran Da’. Also Read: Jassi Sidhu Did Not Sing The Original ‘Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui’ Song?

Not only this, but the singer is also known for roping in various sports personalities like the Late Milkha Singh (in ‘Sardaari’) and hockey star Sardar Singh (in ‘Gallan Karraiyan’). But what is his affinity towards getting more and more athletes in his music videos? Well, one might speculate that it has to do with his prior profession. Also Read: Ammy Virk Adds Another Thar To His Car Collection!

So, did you know what Singh did before he became the legendary singer he is today? Well, if you don’t, fret not… that’s why we are here!

Notably, before becoming a singer, Hardeep Singh was an ace hockey player. He even played the sport at a national level when he was younger! Singh even revealed the reason behind this choice. He shared that his father being was an army officer and didn’t think that singing was an actual, sustainable career path. Also Read: Sad News: Ravinder Mand’s Mother Passes Away!

Moreover, the reputation of singers who performed during marriages and live functions did not help! It was only after Singh assured his father to sing only honorable, clean songs that he could even step foot in this industry.

Additionally, his son Jashan Singh has also followed Hardeep’s steps into the music world and the recent songs released by Hardeep have been conceptualized by Jashan. So this father-son duo is hitting the music world with meaningful, great songs together! Also Read: Jasmin Bhasin To Mark Her Punjabi Film Debut With ‘Honeymoon’!

Did you know that Hardeep Singh is also known as the “Sarpanch of all artistes academy”!?

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