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2021 Recap: Cinema Directors Who Didn’t Live Upto Our Expectations!

By: Jasmine Singh | December 31, 2021

With the good comes bad, since we have discussed all the good parts of Punjabi industry, be it the top-notch music, actors, actresses, models or even directors! But now we come to the names of the industry which did not deliver content to the level we expected them to.

1. Amberdeep Singh

Amberdeep has given us many great Punjabi films in the past like ‘Angrej’, ‘Lahoriye’, ‘Love Punjab’, ‘Laung Laachi’ and many more. Thus, we expect great storylines and screenplays from him. But his recent film, ‘Teeja Punjab’ in which he was not just the director but also an actor was a huge disappointment to all Punjabi cinephiles! Also Read: 2021 Recap: Most Popular Models Of Pollywood!

Singh’s method of improvisational direction failed for this film and his try to incorporate many topics in the film made it all a huge jumbled mess which made the viewer disconnect from the scenes playing in front of them.

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2. Jagdeep Sidhu

Another established director, Jagdeep Sidhu who has given us great comedies including ‘Shadaa’, ‘Nikka Zaildar’ and even the award-winning film ‘Harjeeta’. However, Sidhu failed to deliver in 2021 with his film ‘Qismat 2’. Also Read: 2021 Recap: Films That Left Us Wanting More!

The film did not just lack a proper climax but also felt like it dragged the story on. Without a fresh perspective, this one did not give the audience anything worth remembering!

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3. Dilsher Singh & Khushpal Singh (TRU Makers)

The directorial duo— Dilsher Singh and Khushpal Singh, also known as ‘Tru Makers’ entered the Punjabi industry with music video direction. Unfortunately, one of their first releases ‘Moosa Jatt’ did not fare well with the audience.

The film had a few problems including the acting and it felt like one was watching two different films based on the plots before and after the interval. Thus this film disappointed many fans. Also Read: 2021 Recap: Most Disappointing OTT Projects!

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Even though these names were not at their best this year, we still expect to see good content from them. Also, we hope that just like they have proved themselves in the past through their work, they will rise again and make the future of Punjabi cinema brighter.  

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