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2021 Recap: Top 3 Punjabi OTT Projects

By: Jasmine Singh | December 28, 2021

The year 2021 is coming to an end! This year showed us a shift in pop culture as even though theaters opened up again, most people leaned towards OTT to watch films and shows. Not only this, it was a huge leap for the Punjabi industry with the introduction of our own first OTT platform!

So let us tell you which Punjabi OTT projects were loved most by the audience!

1. Panchhi  

The crime thriller ‘Panchhi’, directed by Maneesh Bhatt was a hit when it was released. The casting of Prince KJ was so well done that it left an impression on the audience. It keeps the audience at the edge of their seat due to the suspense and twists the film provides. Also Read: “Panchhi” OTT Film Review

Overall, the writing, music and acting in this film were really good. One cannot say that any of the actors were lacking in their skill and the film received great reviews in addition to the praise for the new kind of art it introduced to the industry.

2. Please Kill Me

‘Please Kill Me’ is another example setter in the world of Punjabi OTT. The thriller film introduced the true caliber of Jagjeet Sandhu to the industry. From Jagjeet Sandhu to Karanvir Khullar, the film explored the versatility of these actors. Also Read: "Please Kill Me" - OTT Film Review

Also, the film was greatly praised for choosing such a different yet dangerous topic that had not been tried in the Punjabi industry before this. The director, Prem Singh Sidhu did not give the viewers a chance to complain. In other words, this project raised the level of content made in the Punjabi industry.

3. Pind Chakkan De Shikari

Last but definitely not least, this web series made the viewer reminisce about their past as it portrayed childhood friendships and dreams. But at the same time, it proved the point that a Punjabi gets what he wants, irrespective of the circumstances.

It also brought the legendary Guggu Gill, Ashish Duggal and Sukhwinder Chahal together on OTT, as the main leads. The story is enticing and keeps the viewer glued to their screens. Moreover, it ends on a cliffhanger, which leaves the viewer anticipating what will happen next! Also Read: “Pind Chakka De Shikaari” Series OTT Review

Well, this was our list of the top content created on Punjabi OTT in 2021. These directors and actors not just gained even more love and respect after these projects, but even took the risk to explore topics that were not even thought of by other content creators in the Punjabi Industry.

Do comment below the Punjabi OTT films and web series you loved the most this season!

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