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Blog: 15 Muhavare That A Punjabi Cannot Stop From Saying

By: Jasmine Singh | December 7, 2021

Do you remember having to learn uncountable Muhavare during school? Did you hate it too or was it a cakewalk for you? Well here are a few such Muhavare that we remember and most probably use in our daily lives.

1. Oh kehri gali, jithe Bhago nahi khali!
This muhavara is used when a person is so vella that he/she can be seen everywhere.

2.  Saddi na bulayi, me laarhe di taayi!
A person who has a habit of poking their nose in others' business, even when they are uninvited, is referred to with this idiom. Also Read: Do You Know Aditi Dev Sharma Was Supposed To Make Her Pollywood Debut With ‘Baaz’?

3.  Jitho di khoti, uthe hi ann khaloti.
This idiom literally means ‘back to square one’ because even after explaining everything, the person asks the same question again!

4. Chappad aur tobbe da gawah daddoo.
This muhavara is used when a person comes forward to help someone but gets trapped in the chaos himself.

5. Jhabhal putt na jamiye, Dhe anni changi.
This one is used for a person who instead of doing the work assigned to them properly, spoils it! 

6. Aate naal ghun vi pisda hai or lakad naal loha bhi tarda hai!
Now this one can be heard in almost every Punjabi household when the parents teach their kids that staying with bad people can affect them. This muhavara means that even if you’re good, you’ll be considered bad if the company you have is bad. Also Read: World War II Veteran Colonel Prithipal Singh Gill Passes Away

7. Itt kutte da vair hona.
Another common one is ‘Itt kutte da vair hona’, which means being bitter enemies. For example, if someone says “Agam te Raj vich itt kutte da vair hai”, it means that both of them can’t even stand each other!

8. Naahti dhoti reh gi, Muh te makhi behgi.
This Punjabi phrase refers to a time when you prepare well for the work to be done, but it doesn’t pan out and you are unsuccessful in completing the task.

9.  Kar punn kha ghasunn.
One of the phrases which many people can relate to nowadays, ‘Kar pun kha ghasunn’ basically means that even when you do good for others, they are skeptical of you and may still consider you bad. 

10. Kucchar kudi Te shehr dhindora.
This muhavara is a classic one and is used when a person goes around trying to find something for a long time, sometimes to the extent of making a scene, but finds that thing from himself later! Also Read: Punjabi Model Rehmat Rattan Marks Her Bollywood Debut With A Netflix Project!

11. Ucchi dukaan, fikka pakwaan.
This Punjabi proverb is used when a place has a great name in the market, but in actuality the things available aren’t great for use, just made for show off.

12. Kutte bhaunkde rehnde ne, hathi langh jande ne.
A kind of teaching, this proverb says that one shouldn’t worry about what others say and instead succeed while focusing on their own work.

13. Oh din dubba jad ghori chareya kubba.
This one is used more humorously when one says that a person would fail to do the work irrespective of the kind of task given. 

14. 100 syane iko mat, murakh apo apni.
This phrase is used for a person who listens to people from one ear and takes it out from the other. Basically one who listens to advice from 100 people but then does as he pleases. Also Read: Exclusive: Mansi Sharma’s Side Of The Story On Her Recent Controversy!

15. Khaane chole dhakaar badaama de.
This Punjabi proverb is used when a person does one thing in reality but makes a big show of it for the people outside.

These are just a few of the colorful phrases used to make a conversation more lively. After all, Muhavare, when used correctly draws the reader or listener in and makes the writing even more attractive because it becomes fun.
Do comment below the phrases you use or hear frequently in your daily lives!

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