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“Dhamaka” OTT Film Review

By: Harleen Kaur | November 26, 2021

The recent Netflix release ‘Dhamaka’ is director Ram Madhvani’s try to depict how the fourth pillar of democracy aka Journalism works in today's date. The film stars Kartik Aaryan, Mrunal Thakur and Amruta Subhash in lead roles. The film is directed and written by Ram Madhvani who has directed projects like ‘Neerja’ and ‘Arya’. The co-writer is Puneet Sharma.


The film’s story is about a Primetime anchor, Arjun Pathak who has been demoted and now works as a Radio Jockey, even though he yearns for more. On one such day, while he is working, he gets a peculiar call from someone who threatens him to blow up the Bandra-Worli Sea Link, a major bridge that is also just outside Arjun's studio building. Also Read: Afsana Khan & Saajz’s Wedding Plans Revealed

At first, Arjun feels that this is a prank and he dismisses the caller. However, the mood shifts when there is an actual bomb blast on the bridge. After this, instead of reporting the incident, a jaded Arjun sees this as an opportunity to get his position back as a Primetime newscaster.


Kartik Aaryan is the lead of the film and no doubt he takes away the spotlight with his superb acting. Kartik’s expression of the character makes the viewer really believe each emotion be it his frustration, anger, excitement when he sees the opportunity or the sadness and loss he feels when he is actually losing people! Hence, the actor matched the character he was given.

Coming on to Mrunal Thakur, when we saw the trailer it was assumed that she would be the female lead of the film. But when the credits roll out they mention Mrunal’s name under special appearance. Now, there are many Hindi as well as Punjabi films which consider actresses as a lead role with even less screen time. If we talk about Mrunal’s acting it was up to the mark. However, our opinion is that Mrunal should focus on bigger projects at the time because she has much more caliber than just playing a TV anchor. Other than that, Mrunal is a great actress we know. Also Read: Shocking! Punjabi Actor Kaka Kautki Passes Away

Next comes Amrita Subhash, who is playing the character of the Boss of the channel. The way that Amrita adapts the character of the media boss is flawless. From the aspect of acting, there is no complaint from our side! All the actors have done their best and provided justice to all the characters.


The director Ram Madhvani has tried to bring out the current scenario of TV news in India— the extent to which television channels can go for TRP today. We applaud Madhvani for trying to bring out the point that Journalism is dead and anything which happens can be exaggerated by news channels to get views, instead of thinking about justice or being the voice of people. It is even shown during the film how a news channel can impact a commoners’ life whereas the channels just think about their own profits and not the power of their influence.  

On the other hand, there were a lot of moments that felt incomplete and illogical. For one, there is such rivalry among news channels then how come that there wasn’t any other news reporter present at the scene. Moreover, how did she reach the sea link if the first bomb had destroyed the end of the bridge? Then the times when the bombs were being detonated on the bridge, the camera was able to capture everything clearly without any damage. How is that possible? This brings up the point that Bollywood tries to show such scenes that might be next to impossible in real life!

Another critique from inside the newsroom was that there is literally a bomb blast next to you, a man died because a bomb exploded in his ear but there is no terrifying reaction from the people around. Everything goes as usual and nobody cares about it, to the point that the boss tells Arjun to not wipe off the blood! So we’re not sure how Ram Madhvani tried to execute this sequence since this is a compression of human emotions. At the same time if we compare Madhavani’s work in his film ‘Neerja’ to this one, he has made many major mistakes in ‘Dhamaka’ which can be pointed out by any viewer whatsoever. Also Read: Classic Talk: The 1983 Film, Batwara

There are also a few things that have been left incomplete by the director, for example, in the beginning we see Arjun and his wife fighting for a divorce and Arjun sends her a voice note saying “Stop spending time with him and talk to me”, but later on this side of the story is left hanging and we have no idea who he was referring to. Plus the reason for the divorce is not clarified, in the beginning, it feels like one thing but when we reach the end, the cause shifts, so there is a lot of confusion regarding some aspects.


So the film is inspired from the 2013 Korean film ‘The Terror Live’ but the film does not live upto the expectations. The crew has definitely tried to make the story impactful but if we talk about direction, we are very disappointed because there have been many illogical things added to the film. Maybe things did not pan out the way the director had intended to but the fact that the film has so many unrealistic scenarios which cannot be overlooked.

Even the climax of the story was not like “Wow!” and no doubt there were parts of the film that were suspenseful and revived our interest in the film. But overall there are so many loopholes in the film that one can’t relate to the film. Lastly, even with all the problems, the film will keep you at the edge of the seat and you won’t be able to shift your eyes from the film. So the film, which is around 1 hour 45 minutes long, will make you cringe at times but you won’t want to even blink for a moment. Also Read: ‘Dupatta Tera Sat Rang Da’ Model Anchal Kumar - Here’s What She Looks Like Now!

The reason the film is getting this many stars too is just owing to the superb acting in the film.

Star Rating: 2/5


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