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Exclusive: Mansi Sharma’s Side Of The Story On Her Recent Controversy!

By: Jasmine Singh | November 23, 2021

Collaborations have become an important part of an actor/ influencer’s life and there are only two sides to it— one, the brand and influencer being happy with the reach and response or two, a controversy! One such issue was raised when popular actress Mansi Sharma, also the wife of Punjabi singer and actor Yuvraaj Hans went live on Instagram and was seen crying.

So to get to the root of the problem, team GhaintPunjab talked to Sharma exclusively, to know her side of the story.

To begin, Mansi shared that around 2-3 years ago, the designer contacted her multiple times through her Instagram DMs requesting a collaboration, at the time Mansi was not signed up with any team and neither did she have much experience with collabs. So the actress asked her friends about it but she still wasn’t sure so nothing happened. Also Read: Honey Singh Gets UAE Golden Visa!

Then, the designer sent her a yellow suit to start their alliance but Mansi couldn’t pose and upload pictures owing to her pregnancy. Luckily, the designer didn’t force her or anything, though later Mansi uploaded the pictures and tagged her. Thus the story began…

For a while, everything was merry and their work together was going well. However, problems started arising once the designer saw that she had competition. So around the time of KarwaChauth this year, Mansi got a few suits from different designers, out of that the one she really liked was from another designer. Oh, the audacity!

So the ego problems came in, the designer even told Mansi “My friends keep telling me that you keep praising Mansi but she is getting all her work done from the other place!” To this, Mansi replied asking who these friends were who were keeping an eye on her.

But the story had just begun, other instances happened where the designer asked Mansi to tag only her in her pictures and not anyone else. When the actress didn’t mention anyone saying that I have paid for this suit, I don’t owe you, this created further issues. Also Read: Wow! Karan Aujla All Set To Launch 'Hukam Clothing', His Own Clothing Brand!

What absolutely infuriated Mansi and made her cut off contact with the collaborators was when the designer went ahead and talked about their personal interactions with an outsider, someone who wasn’t even close to Mansi, while Mansi had shared the information with the designer with full trust!

After this experience, Mansi started maintaining distance and told the designer that she had other engagements. On the other hand, she had helped the designer get work with other family members and contacts, who were also disappointed with the level of work. So when they also opted to get the work done by someone else, the designer had difficulty coming to terms with it and felt degraded instead of taking the criticism positively. However, they sorted it out and the issue soon subsided.

Except, the problem didn’t end there, when Mansi asked for a detailed bill, the designer started raising the issue of Mansi getting her work done for free under the context of collaborations. She even started posting the pictures commenting ‘Free, Free, Free’ on all the items. To this, the actress says, “I have the Paytm receipts and thank god I have the chats. Recently I sent 11,000 Indian rupees in cash to her house and she agreed that her mother had taken the payment, and then she says I take stuff for free?”

One thing led to another and the designer called her ‘Aunty’, this was the breaking point for Mansi and as she said, “Obviously I'm a human being, I’ll answer back”. Then even the husbands got involved and Mansi texted the designer literally saying that “I won’t stoop to your level, getting the husbands involved you're taking extreme steps”. Thus, the whole controversy started. Also Read: Did You Know Jasleen Matharu’s Father Did A Lead Role In This Punjabi Film?

Mansi also shared an interaction she had with someone else, a decoration artist, who has worked with both of them. She told Mansi, “Bete it's not you, but I’ve worked with her and she gets her work done for free in response to getting the other collaborators!” There was also a voice note shared by Mansi where the designer can be heard saying that yes, except a gift, the actress had paid for most of the stuff. Lastly, Mansi feels that she has tried to help the designer promote her small business as much as she could, but she gives it all back in this way!

However, one needs to remember that this is just one side of the story. The only question that leaves us with is was this a matter that needed to be magnified to such an extent? Also, you can hear what happened exactly at that time, here:

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