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“Little Things Season 4” OTT Series Review

By: Harleen Kaur | November 19, 2021

“All that matters are the little things in life”

Are you a momo and biryani monster fan too? Well, even if you just watched the show cause of the hype but it still stole your heart, worry not we get it! Sadly, the series has come to an end with the last season releasing on 15th October 2021. Here’s what we liked and what we will miss about the series in the future! Also Read: The Three Most Significant Places In Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Life!


To start, this is the season finale so it will be the last time we see the Kavya- Dhruv couple on screen.

Well to recap, the first season showed a normal girlfriend-boyfriend, how the relationship works. In season two, we see the relationship out of the honeymoon phase and a little strained. There are a few complications here and there, which they overcome. In the third season, they try to maintain a long-distance relationship. Finally, in the latest season, the pair are reunited and we see them planning a wedding.

The first thing we see when the season begins is Kerela. Now, when we see Southern India through Bollywood’s lens, the people have a stereotypical accent and look but this series is not like that. The audience experiences the actual Kerela as Kavya and Dhruv travel in the state as tourists. This makes one think that only if Hindi cinema would depict the same originality, it would provide justice for the people there. Also Read: Gurnam Bhullar And Tania Starrer ‘Lekh’ To Hit The Theatres Next Year In 2022!

Talking about Kavya and Dhruv, the series depicts the journey of the couple as they plan for marriage. They show the complications, problems and sudden hiccups that the pair goes through. We cannot be happier with the way the whole series has been shown and you wouldn’t feel disconnected at any point.

Another point of information that you might’ve missed is, Dhruv Sehgal, who is also also the lead contributed as a writer in the first three seasons but not the fourth one!


Next comes acting, the way that the audience can connect with Dhruv and Kavya is not only rare but makes the project even more riveting. The actors present their emotions in such a manner that it doesn’t look like acting, instead a real-life romance. An actor’s most prized possession is if he/she can capture the viewer’s attention and then maintain it, which luckily, both the actors have aced. Also Read: Punjabi Singer Balkar Dhillon’s ‘Warke’ Creates Excitement Among The Audience!

The series also teaches an important lesson, which is that it isn’t all about the show, gifts, or surprises in a relationship but instead, the simple, smaller moments which make us happier each day. Kavya and Dhruv are all about simplicity. Plus, it needs to be mentioned that the whole scene with the couple’s engagement is a prime example of beauty in simplicity. It is oh so beautiful! Basically, we think that whatever the makers wanted the audience to see and feel, they have succeeded in it.

If we have to nitpick, there were a few moments when the series seemed extended where the parts could’ve been cut short. Maybe they could have shortened the tourist part of Kerela and instead of 8 episodes, we could’ve had 7. But of course, the good parts overpower the small issues. There were also scenes where the couple’s parents were seen and it felt so normal and not an exaggerated view of Indian parents!

The best part of web series and shows are the real depictions and the ability to engross the audience. This season was quite emotional for the avid fans since it was the last. However, the series ‘Little Things’ exhibits how such a beautiful project can be made successful with just simplicity. Also Read: South Indian Actor Mohanlal Dons A Turban For ‘Monster’!


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