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Wow! Gurlove Singh Ratol’s ‘Judgement’ Won Multiple Awards At Prestigious Film Festivals – Exclusive Interview Inside!

By: Krishma | November 14, 2021

Popular director Gurlove Singh Ratol’s short film ‘Judgement’ has been awarded with multiple awards at prestigious film festivals.

The film features popular standup comedian Parvinder Singh in the lead role. The story of the film is based upon the concept of the basic approach of an individual to get out of a situation when trapped but this escape is not possible when your almighty is the judge (post death). Interestingly, the film released on YouTube was shot with only one camera within 2-3 hours. Also Read : Woah! Miss Pooja Now Owns ‘Couple Of’ Hotels In Midwest

Let us tell you, the film has won ‘Critics Choice Awards’ for best Indian short film at Golden Leaf International Film Festival, Best Festival’s film at AAB Festival, Best Indian Short Film at Lakeview International Film Festival and others.

The update was shared by the proud director himself on social media where he revealed that it was something that he thought was challenging to present in 4 odd minutes and that too without a single dialogue. Have a look! Also Read : “Creating Content For OTT Is A Bigger Challenge”: Director Prem Singh Sidhu

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Well, that is a great deal so we thought of getting a sneak peek into the making of this wonderful piece. So, while talking exclusively to GhaintPunjab, Gurlove shared his happiness on winning the awards. He stated that it really feels great when your efforts are being recognized. A small compliment also means a lot for the hard work that you put in a project.

In our Punjabi industry, we generally get to see commercial Punjabi films. So, in your case was it a conscious call of making ‘Judgement’ for the film festivals?

Absolutely not! It was just a small thought that came to my mind last year and I thought that this message is something that should reach people and if we succeed in doing so that will be our victory. My only intention was to bring forward this concept without any planning of its release on Youtube or taking film festivals under consideration.

How did you choose Parvinder Singh for the lead role?

I know him for a very longtime since he is popular for his comic roles but I knew he can act. I have seen his expressions and I wanted to explore his serious side and I knew that he will do it wonderfully. 

Not only this, Parvinder too shared his share of experience and happiness with us and stated that they never thought that a film shot in such a short period will be widely appreciated. “We just did our job and released it. Later, we sent it for film festivals as well. So, winning multiple awards is a validation that we have really done a good job”, he said.

How do you plan further on choosing roles? Do you wish to do comedy or serious roles?

As an actor I am very happy to attempt such a role. Not just the comedy, I wish to explore myself and attend acting workshops if need be to enhance my craft. I just want to grow as an actor so comic or a serious role doesn’t really matter. Also Read : Ahan! Babbu Maan Will Now Sell Groceries Too

And they signed off! 

Apart from this, talking about Gurlove his ‘Thappa’ and ‘Baapu Bahar Bhej De’ are expected to release by the end of this year or in January.

Well, to see Punjabi filmmakers’ proving themselves in such prestigious film festivals is a proud moment for everyone.

Team GhaintPunjab also congratulate the entire team of ‘Judgement’ on this achievement.



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