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Pamma Dumewal Made A Hit Song In Just 5,000 INR! Do You Know Which One It Was? 

By: Harleen Kaur | November 11, 2021

Given the inflation and the need for cars in a Punjabi Music video, one could not imagine producing a music video with just a handful of cash.

It is a known fact and you must have heard of it as well that in order to produce a music video for a mass audience, one may even need to sell his/her piece of land! Also Read: ‘Anhey Ghorhey Da Daan’, A Film That Turned The Face Of Punjabi Cinema!

But what if we told you, Pamma Dumewal made a song in just 5000 INR and that song happens to be the biggest hit of his life. As strange as it sounds, Pamma Dumewal is a unique artist, who never fails to surprise us with his humbleness, singing, and love for the culture.

While preparing for the song named ‘Kundhi Muchh’ that was supposed to be launched on a big level, Pamma Dumewal didn’t get enough time from the sponsors. By that time, he had received a WhatsApp message from Arsh Sidhu that contained lyrics of a song.

Pamma Dumewal was definitely in awe of those lyrics and wanted to sing it immediately. He just recorded it and uploaded it on his social media page. Also Read: New Movie ‘Chaa Coffee’ Announced!

He was astonished to see that in just 2 days, that song had more than 2 million views on the internet. It made him think that why shouldn’t he record this song ahead of the release of ‘Kundhi Muchh’. So, he decided to make a music video of it.

We have kept you guessing for far too long now. The name of the song is “Mehlan wale Vs Kullian Wale”. In order to make the whole video for this song, he did not spend more than 5000 INR. 

The biggest hit of his life has now more than 9 million views on Youtube. He believes that the credit behind the success of this song goes to its lyrics as they spoke the truth of this world that everyone could relate to! Also Read: Punjabi Comedies That Will Make You ROFL Anytime!

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