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“Vardaat” OTT Series Review

By: Harleen Kaur | October 28, 2021

One of the first OTT Punjabi series to be released on Chaupal was director Gadar’s ‘Vardaat’. Continue reading to know our review of the series.

To begin with, the series casts Mintu Kapa, Dinesh Kumar, Balraj Sidhu, Ashish Duggal, Drishtii Garewal, Paramveer Singh, Parminder Gill, Keetika Ram Aujla, Rang Dev, Raman Dhagga, Sukhwinder Raj, Mani Kular, Mitwa, Sameep Ranaut & Tarsem Paul. The writer is Raju Verma and it is a Simerjit Singh Production directed by Gadar. Also Read: Bigg Boss 15: Netizens Slammed Afsana Khan For Faking Karwa Chauth Fast!


Written by Raju Verma, the story is a dark suspense. So basically, the plot of the series revolves around a murder investigation for an MLA's son. However, this is not it, there is a parallel narrative going on about three alcoholics who are arrested because of murder charges. Both the stories keep progressing but they sometimes get intermixed causing confusion for the viewer as it is not specified which story is being shown.

No doubt that the story is about a murder investigation so it is expected that the series will be grim and full of twists and turns. At the same time, the creators have tried to create a project that the audience can relate to. But the negative part is that the story is extremely stretched like the parts that could have been cut out have also been kept. Hence, the series needs to be heavily edited and the 8 episodes, each 50 minutes approximately need to be cut down from the version presented to us.

There is also the concept of how our system is corrupt and the politics of the state is full of selfish peope who can backstab each other anytime. So in total there are three sub-plots in the series— the murder and its investigation, the politics and corruption in it and lastly, how the people who suffer from alcoholism or other vices live their lives and maintain relationships, especially with their families. Also Read: Bipasha Basu Featured In A Punjabi Song Before Her Debut In B-Town!

Not only all these different plots have been put together (instead of which they could’ve made another webseries), they have even left space for a second season. Considering that the series is almost 7 hours long and confusing in-between, the choice to invest your time on it is dodgy. As far as our case goes, we would probably not invest time in the second season of this series!


Coming on to the direction of the film, it is done by Gadar. As mentioned before, the series could have been a lot shorter and to the point. Since it is a suspense series, the viewer should be able to remember what the details and conflict was to actually enjoy the series.

Another point is that the character building was lacking especially for the murderer’s character. Not to give any spoilers, but we only see him in a few scenes and in those too, we don’t get the whole picture behind his reason. Now if even after 8 long episodes, one cannot present a character properly, it is a major problem on the director’s end! Also Read: Bigg Boss 15: Afsana Khan’s Body Shaming Comment Leaves Rajiv Adatia Teary-Eyed!

On the other hand, the subject of how alcoholics and/or people who struggle with addiction deal with familial relationships was a good topic to showcase. However, it could have been selected as a topic for a separate web series and focused on properly. 


If we talk about the acting in the series, it has Mintu Kapa, Dinesh Kumar, Balraj Sidhu, Ashish Duggal, Drishtii Garewal, Paramveer Singh, Parminder Gill and others. The actors have already established themselves in the Punjabi industry so the expectations were high from them and they haven’t disappointed. The acting by all the actors is good enough, probably the only saving grace for the whole series.

Otherwise, the junior actors need to be worked on immensely. This is a point that Pollywood needs to work on as an industry itself. The good thing is that dubbing was done well, which is usually another issue in the Punjabi industry. Also Read: Sikh Men Who Rescued Hikers With Their Turbans Receive Special Award

Star Rating— 2/5

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