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Vicky Kaushal Starrer ‘Sardar Udham’ Could Not Make It To Oscars 2022. Here’s Why! 

By: Jasmine Singh | October 26, 2021

The Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars are one of the highest credited film awards globally. The preparations for India’s entry in the Best Foreign Film category had been going on for some time. Many people expected Vicky Kaushal starrer ‘Sardar Udham’ to be the final selection for the 94th Academy Awards. However, netizens were disappointed and slammed the committee responsible for the decision, after the Tamil film ‘Koozhangal (Pebbles)’ was announced as the final entry. Also Read: Punjabi Lyricist Sarba Maan Blessed With A Baby Girl!

A member of the jury— Indraadip Dasgupta, a Bengali music composer came forward to clarify why ‘Sardar Udham’ was dropped from the race. According to Dasgupta, the film is a little lengthy and harps on the Jallianwala Bagh incident. This sentiment was even shared by Production designer Sumit Basu, who was also part of the finalizing committee. Another reason provided was that it projects India’s hatred towards the British which in this era of globalization, is not fair.

But alas! While Dasgupta provided reasons to justify the jury’s choice, it angered the public even more. Many netizens went on to tweet about the unjust reason and compared ‘Sardar Udham’ to ‘Slumdog Millionaire'. As described by one fan, “So Indian kids lathered in poop, begging and fending for themselves in Slumdog Millionaire is more palatable as a representation of Indians. But a realistic depiction of the horrifying acts of British imperialism on our country is problematic? #SardarUdham (sic).” Also Read: Ammy Virk Productions Announce Yet Another Flick, ‘Janjj’ For 2022

Here are some other tweets shared by the people. Also Read: You Won’t Believe How Much Afsana Khan Is Earning Per Week In Bigg Boss!

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