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“Pind Chakka De Shikaari” Series OTT Review

By: Harleen Kaur | October 19, 2021

When a Punjabi wants something and is hell-bent on getting that thing, he can do anything till the work is done. This is what the new Chaupal web series ‘Pind Chakka De Shikari’ is based on! So continue to read our review of the new OTT web series.

To begin with, the web series casts Guggu Gill, Ashish Duggal and Sukhwinder Chahal in the leads. The director is Maneesh Bhatt and the writer is ‘Panchhi’ actor Prince Kanwaljit Singh. Also Read: Calgary Gets Its First Punjabi Descent Female Mayor, Jyoti Gondek!


The story is the same as the trailer shows— there are three friends who have spent most of their lives together and now that they are adults they want to complete the only thing left in their bucket list. Now the one thing they want to do is rob a bank.

So the story is based on the trio robbing a bank, as they say, ‘Dilli Lut k aani aye’. The first four episodes are spent on just fulfilling their wishes be it robbing a bank, drinking expensive alcohol, or buying a Harley-Davidson bike. Whatever they wanted to do in their teenage, they did as adults. Also, the money they had stolen from the bank was left unused. Also Read: Yuvika Chaudhary Arrested Under SC/ST Act, Later Released On Interim Bail

The story even shows that irrespective of the fact that they are indulging in their wishes, they even help the needy. So the story is a nice amalgamation of all the little things the creators have tried to put in the film.  For example, during the robbery of the bank, they even showed how an elder man who wanted money for his daughter’s marriage was pushed around for just a loan, then there was a lady who was complaining about the issues she faced in a bank. Somewhere these topics’ being put in as sub-themes really adds to the whole story.

So the 5 episodes that the team cut short and put together have a lot of smaller topics included in them. Hence the web series from a story point of view is really good and worth it.


Next comes acting and we see Guggu Gill, Ashish Duggal and Sukhwinder Chahal as the main leads. These three actors don’t need any introduction as they are already legends in the Punjabi industry. So us judging their acting is not something we feel we can do. It is evident that they’ve done a great job and impressed the audience with their work. Also Read: White Hill Studios’ New Project— Production 2021!

When the trailer was released, the people already knew that this web series will be worth watching just based on the casting which has these three legends. So overall the acting is great, even for the police officer who overlooks the investigation. But at the same time, in every scene, the police officer is shown smoking or holding a cigarette which might irritate the audience just because it is shown so excessively.

Overall the actors have done well, but if we need to point out a very minor detail—in the scene where the friends go to buy the bike, the actor playing the manager of the company did a terrible job.


The film is directed by Maneesh Bhatt, who has taken care of all the details. Let us tell you that the camera angles, shots and DI done in the film make you feel that yes, the crew has worked on the project and used the budget properly. As a director, Bhatt has taken care that all aspects are covered for the audience. Also Read: Hans Raj Hans Tests Positive For COVID19, Admitted To AIIMS Delhi

The only thing is that sometimes while the three friends are having fun amongst themselves, their laughter seems overdone as it carries on even after the moment has passed. However, looking at the bigger picture the directing was done well. And Maneesh Bhatt is actually coming up as a great director in Pollywood.

Looking at the web series as a whole, it is a fun, short web series with just 5 episodes of around 26 minutes each so you can binge it if you want. Other than that if you’re a fan of Guggu Gill, Ashish Duggal, Sukhwinder Chahal or even Maneesh Bhatt’s work, you should watch this series.

Another thing is that while the friends are completing their wishlist, there are flashbacks where the audience can see how they had earlier planned to do all these things. This way the series connects the past and present of the trio and their plans which feels good to watch. Even the tiny details like naming their car Nimmo add to the feel of the entire project. Also Read: Pollywood Artists Who Are Hardcore Pet Lovers!

Now in the last episode we see that there is a suspense element in the series as well. The suspense part is like they show that they were supposed to steal the money at 11’o clock but at 10.30 someone else comes in and robs the same bank. So the person who ruins their plans might turn out to be their enemy, which we will get to know about in the next season.

Since the series ended on a cliffhanger, it is a surety that there will be a follow-up season. In that, we will be introduced to the trio’s enemy and the secret that the police officer is hiding will be revealed. Thus, leaving the series on such a note will be good for the next part since the audience’s curiosity will make them wait and watch the second part too. Also Read: Do You Know About Yami Gautam’s Only Punjabi Film?

As a whole, the web series is good, must watch especially if you like any of the cast or crew’s works.

Star Rating— 4.5/5        

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