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“Dustbin” OTT Film Review

By: Harleen Kaur | October 12, 2021

The OTT film ‘Dustbin’ was released on 8th October 2021 on the OTT platform Chaupal. So keep reading to know how we found the film to be!

To begin with, the star cast includes Mintu Kapa, Saniya Pannu, Sanju Solanki, Mehraaj Singh, Arundeep, Dilnoor Kaur, Bunty Dhillon and Basant Lahoriya. The director of the film is Taj, who has also done the story and screenplay. The dialogues are written by Manjinder Mani and the background score is by Kevin Roy. Also Read: National Award Winning Actor Kesavan Venugopal Nair Passes Away


The story and screenplay written by Taj are exactly what we can see in the trailer. It is a simple story about the couple, Mr. and Mrs. Sharma who are very happy and in love. We can see their love at the beginning where they call each other Reena Ji and Sharma Ji.

Coming on to the point where the story shifts—Mr. Sharma goes out to empty the trash, where he finds something which turns his love for his wife into doubt. This doubt keeps on increasing and at one point it is so aggravated that Mr. Sharma stops going for work, lies to his wife and even spies on her! This suspicion becomes so extreme that Mr. Sharma is even ready to kill his wife and the other person he suspects is involved.

Throughout the film, Mr. Sharma’s character seems problematic because on one hand it’s shown that he loves his wife a lot and feels lucky to have her in his life but then on the other hand, when the doubt starts festering in his mind, he doesn’t even give his wife a chance to explain or clarify. Also Read: Netflix Film ‘Khufiya’ To Star This Punjabi Actress!

Overall the story had a few moments which were not up to the mark. The ‘Range’ series which was directed and written by Taj as well, was a hit whereas ‘Dustbin’ was a complete miss. The film does try to build the characters and justify their roles, but somehow that did not happen.

The most important thing is that the story chooses to pick up progressive topics which haven’t been discussed in the Punjabi industry till date. While it is appreciated that Taj chose such a topic that is something new, but the execution was not upto par, which make the whole experience sour.


The direction has also been done by Taj. There were minor details that can be pointed out in the film. Maybe it is due to issues with budget or time, but the cuts and editing seem abrupt. Most importantly, the ending could have been a lot better as the end leaves you dissatisfied with the film.

One of the topics picked up by the director is homosexuality. Now, choosing this topic is a big leap for the Punjabi industry but at the same time, proper execution of such a topic is really important, which did not pan out in the film. There were even moments that were almost cringe-worthy. Also Read: The Dying History Of Chandigarh— Burail Fort

Another major issue that has been pointed out in previous reviews too is the dubbing part of the content. For proof, there is a scene where Mr. Sharma says to Mrs. Sharma that “tussi sojo”, we can hear the words “tussi sojo” but when you read the actor’s lips, he is saying “tu soja”. If you see this difference in acting and dubbing once, the flow of the film is disrupted and you can’t unsee it. The audience today is so sharp and attentive that they notice each and every detail!

So there were times when there was a disconnect between the film and the audience. Also, this is a critic for the whole Punjabi industry. The junior artists chosen in a film or a web series should be nurtured well, irrespective of the screen time they have because it affects the whole production. But this can be noticed that many Punjabi films and series lack in this aspect.

Overall, the direction was okay, there is a subconscious comparison between ‘Range’ and ‘Dustbin’ considering both are made by Taj, so in comparison, the film ‘Dustbin’ is disappointing since ‘Range’ was such a great production. Also Read: Dev Kharoud Announces Yet Another Sequel ‘Blackia 2’!


The leads were Mintu Kapa and Saniya Pannu; even though the expectations fom Kapa after looking at the trailer were high, but after the film, we’d say his acting was fine, neither great nor the worst. Not to blame anyone, but the parts where Kapa is shown talking to himself or blaming himself, feel too loud.

Also, the way some dialogues are written, like one of Mintu Kapa’s dialogue is, “You’re a man, you can’t do this. No, you can’t be a man because your wife is cheating on you, the one whom she is cheating with on you manlier than you”, show a regressive part of our society that defines or makes one question their own self. Considering that pop culture helps create mindsets or self-image of a person, such words shouldn’t be used in movies that choose to be progressive. 

If we look at Saniya Pannu’s acting, the scene where Kapa is imagining Saniya Pannu with someone else, the intimate scenes especially, her acting is a little over the top. Other than that, Pannu’s acting seemed good enough for the kind of character she was given and she did as much as she was asked to do. There was very little of the supporting characters considering the story revolved around Mintu Kapa and Saniya Pannu's life. Also Read: Power Couple Prince Narula & Yuvika Chaudhary To Star In Web-Series ‘Shabana’


To conclude, the film is okay. The film could have been a lot better if a little more effort was put in. the topic chosen is an important, progressive one. The crew tried to provide us with some rich content, but failed as far as the execution is concerned. Otherwise, the Punjabi industry should keep on picking up more topics like this, but the execution needs to be at par with the vision.

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