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“Panchhi” OTT Film Review

By: Harleen Kaur | September 28, 2021

The crime thriller ‘Panchhi’, directed by Maneesh Bhatt was a hit when it was released on Punjabi OTT platform Chaupal, last month. However, for those of you who still haven’t seen the film yet or even those who’ve seen the film and want to discuss it further, read below to know how we felt about the film!

To begin with, when the poster was released it was thought to have a similar story to Hollywood movies like ‘Joker’ or ‘IT’ because the poster looked very much alike. Even after looking at the trailer, it led to speculations that the protagonist had the same character traits as ‘Joker’! Also Read: ‘Honsla Rakh’ Trailer Review: Looks Like A Typical Comedy But We’re Still Keeping ‘Honsla’

To start the review, the film casts Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Aarushi Sharma, Ashok Pathak, Ahen Vani Vatish, Sandeep Malhi, Kuldeep Niami, Kavi Singh, Anju Kapoor, Baljinder Kaur and Sanju Solanki. The writer is Harsh Rana, music, singing and lyrics are done by Ahen Vani Vatish and the music and background were covered by Score Gurmoh.


The film falls under the suspense thriller genre, and you would get an idea of the themes covered in it if you look at the description. In short, the story is about ‘Panchhi’, who is a psychologically distressed man. So his family members send him to a facility in hopes that he gets better. To provide a little background, Panchhi’s parents had passed away when he was a child and so it was his uncle and aunt who took care of him.

Once Panchhi returns home, we can see him taking action against every bad thing that happens around him. So if he sees someone doing any wrong action/s, he punishes the wrongdoer. When Panchhi’s brother is getting married, he comes across Shalu, his Bhabhi’s sister and falls in love. Hence the love story begins. Also Read: Main Jashan Hoon : Loud Roar Studios Announces Its Next Hindi Film!

However, things aren’t so simple, soon an incident occurs which shifts the whole setting of the film. The thing that happens is, Shalu gets murdered! And that’s not the end, the person blamed for killing her is Panchhi. 

Now the story revolves around this murder. The questions become— has Panchhi killed Shalu? If yes, why? If not, who is the culprit? So after almost an hour into the movie, this is what goes on in the viewer’s head. Thus, the first hour of the movie is about character development and background to set the whole suspense which keeps the audience at the edge of their seat!


Coming on to the acting in the film, the main lead is played by Prince Kanwaljit Singh. Now we all know that Singh is a great actor in the first place and this role was like an experiment on him, something that hasn’t been done before, so it must be mentioned that he managed to leave a mark with his acting in this film. Singh has been cast very well as he was able to portray all the traits required to make the character seem realistic especially with the psychological instabilities! Also Read: Vicky Kaushal Starrer Sardar Udham Singh’s Teaser Is Out, Here’s What We Saw!

Next, there is Aarushi Sharma, who is the lead actress in the film. Sharma was earlier seen in the 2019 film, ‘Kaka Ji’. In this project, Sharma is seen mostly through the eyes of Panchhi—the way that Panchhi sees her around in slow motion, falls in love with her. Overall she has only a few dialogues and then her character ‘Shalu’ dies. So we can say that as much as Sharma was told to do, she has done it well.

Other than this, Ahen Vani Vatish, the singer can also be seen playing an important role in the film. On one hand, he cares a lot about his brother, but at the same time his character also has a lot of layers to him. Also, all the characters in this film have been experimented on and a good thing was that the language of each character was in line with their background and information. 


The director, Maneesh Bhatt has done a well enough job while directing the movie. However, a few things that could have been improved upon are— in the beginning, the character Panchhi kills a few people including a doctor and a random person, and there is media coverage of this news but no police action or investigation. So this fact is overlooked that even after he beats villagers and murders people there is no investigation against him. It is only after Shalu’s murder that someone informs the police and Panchhi is arrested. Also Read: "Please Kill Me" - OTT Film Review

So in filmmaking, there is a term called ‘creative liberty’ which means that the creators can take some actions or deviate from a certain point during the production for artistic purposes. It can be said that they’ve ignored this certain point under creative liberty.

Background music

It is very important for the background music to be at the best level, especially in a suspense and thriller film so that the audience can connect to it. In this film, Score Gurmoh’s work needs to be applauded. Even before this, Score Gurmoh has always created music as they best could.

To conclude, the writing, music and acting in this film have been really good, even as an experiment in the Punjabi industry the film has received good reviews. One cannot say that any of the actors were lacking in their skill. The direction could be improved a little, some scenes could be added to complete the missing pieces but overall the film should be appreciated as a new kind of art in the industry. Also Read: A Practice That Jagjeet Sandhu Feels Is Still Lacking In The Punjabi Industry!

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