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"Please Kill Me" - OTT Film Review

By: Harleen Kaur | September 27, 2021

Yet another Punjabi OTT movie has released on Chaupal! ‘Please Kill Me’, the thriller film that everyone was eagerly waiting for released on 24th September, 2021.The film, directed by Prem Singh Sidhu, casts Jagjeet Sandhu, Megha Sharma, Karanveer Khullar as the leads and Parkash Gadhu, Anita Meet, Sukhí Chahal, Mohanty Sharma, Kumar Ajay, Surinder Arora, Surjit Jugnu, Roopi Mann, Fida Gill and Vikram Chouhan for other roles.

The producer is Bhagwant Virk, the writers of the film are Jaspreet Jassi, Vikram Chouhan, Prem Singh Sidhu and Prem Singh Sidhu has also written the screenplay of the film.

So if you’re also interested in watching the film but don’t know if you should, go ahead and read our review! Also Read : A Practice That Jagjeet Sandhu Feels Is Still Lacking In The Punjabi Industry!


Since the story is a suspense-thriller, we cannot share much with the audience without letting out spoilers (which we of course don’t want)! So to avoid that, we’ll tell you the basic plot.

The film is about an NRI girl, Jasleen, who gets kidnapped when she retuns to India. An investigation is started and so the fun begins! Now you might have questions like— what happens to Jasleen, who kidnaps her, why does the person kidnap her or even how does it happen. Worry not! Once you watch the movie, all the queries will be answered.

The story, written by Vikram Chauhan actually shows a different perspective of the situations going on in Punjab. Now to avoid spoiling the story of the film any further, we’ll just give you one little hint. The story is about a topic that has become very famous in recent times and we can see the issue being brought up in the news as well.

Moreover, the film throws light on something that needs to be shown, a topic which needs to be uncovered further. Also, we feel that the film is written well as every point is described or explained and is relevant to the topic. Also Read : Here's A List Of Top 10 Funniest Punjabi Movies Ever!


 As far as directing goes, Prem Singh Sidhu has taken care of every minor detail. So, for example—the scenes that show the investigation in action, their graphics have been perfected, the profiles of suspects, the work done by the cyber expert, everything is shown clearly and beautifully.

The only complaint regarding this is the time given while the information is shared, which could have been a little longer. Otherwise, Sidhu has taken care of the fact that the audience stays engrossed throughout the movie.

It is important for us to point out that the courtroom scene shown in the movie was a great addition. The scene has been executed perfectly and it is something that hasn’t been used much in the Punjabi industry. Since anything new, if it is good enough, should be appreciated, we are mentioning it.

However, the few things which could be improved upon were— one, the casting for the IELTS teacher could have been better; second even the actress who played the reporter was not good enough. Even though these are very small things, it is important that the casting for these minor roles be taken seriously because it also makes an impact on the overall film.


If we’re talking about the acting, Jagjeet Sandhu needs to be mentioned. In the whole film, there are three sides to Sandhu’s character and all of those were performed impeccably by the actor.  Jagjeet Sandhu is such a versatile actor and he has done justice to the character. I shall also mention that the Punjabi industry should utilize his talent more just like this film does it!

To add, Prem Singh Sidhu actually saw Sandhu’s capability and used it to improve the film. To prove this point, here’s an example, there is a scene in the movie where Jagjeet Sandhu hits someone (not telling you who!), so this is a latter scene where Sandhu beats someone out of frustration and the acting in the scene is commendable. The way his expressions, face and body language show the emotion really gets to the viewer.

Talking about Megha Sharma aka Jasleen, one thing that didn’t work was that she used phrases like “please leave me” and “sir, sir”, which could’ve been said in a better manner. But, this was a very minor detail in the beginning and the acting done by her in the rest of the film was great. The way she used her expressions to communicate with the audience is praiseworthy.

Coming to Karanveer Khullar, Khullar played the role of the police officer investigating the case. We all already know that Khullar is a great actor and so his acting in the film was also noteworthy. Moreover, the acting of the supporting cast was also worked on, so the casting of the characters has been done well enough and the effort has not been overlooked. Also Read : Here’s A List Of Evergreen Punjabi Folk Songs!


It is common knowledge that the background mmusic plays an important role in films, especially that fall under the genre of mystery, suspense or thriller. It is after all the background music that builds up the audiences’ curiousity and makes the production more engaging.

The background music, done by Sunny and Inder Bawra was well done. It could be seen that the duo has tried their hardest to make the bgm sound intriguing; it wasn’t just a ‘must do’ thing that because a film needs bgm.

In conclusion, overall the film is great, the acting, directing and everything has been done well. There were trivial things that could’ve been better like the casting of a few characters, as mentioned above. However, it needs to be mentioned that even thinking about a film on such a topic that too in the Punjabi industry should be highlighted. Also, the efforts of the whole cast and crew need to be appreciated. Lastly, the most important thing is that more movies like this need to be made as they raise the level of content that the Punjabi industry creates! Also Read : 10 Times Bollywood Actors Wore A Turban!



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