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You Surely Cannot Miss This Video Of ‘Mogambo’ Aka Amrish Puri Singing A Punjabi Ghazal!

By: Krishma | September 6, 2021

‘Mogambo Khush Hua’! Everybody is familiar with this evergreen and iconic dialogue by late actor Amrish Puri. Because of his strong and masculine voice, his several dialogues from his classic movies even after such a long time are so fresh and evergreen. He has left behind a legacy with his work which is an inspiration for all actors.

But today we are going to present you a video in which Amrish can be seen singing a Punjabi ghazal alongside actor Ranjeet. This video will surely give you goose bumps in his soulful and heartfelt voice. Also Read : Know More About The Journey Of ‘Goli’ From ‘Range’—All About Arundeep!

Check out the video here!

This video is incredible. Isn’t it? Rather, it is a treat watching soft side of him. Even after 16 years of his passing, the actor’s aura and screen presence is such that it can bring goosebumps to anyone. Nodubt, he was a man of many talents. Nobody can compete him when it comes to the acting. He is one of the best villains Bollywood has ever seen. Unfortunately, he is not with us today but this legendary actor will always stay alive in our hearts. Also Read : What If We Told You Romaana Got His Stage Name From His Surname!

For the uniniated, Amrish was born in Nawanshehar in Punjab. He graduated from the BM College in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.




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