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Range- OTT Series Review

By: Harleen Kaur | September 6, 2021

After the launch of Punjabi OTT channel Chaupal, the awaited web series ‘Range’ is here. The series is directed and written by Taj and co-written by Mani Manjinder Singh. The cast includes actors Navi Bhangu, Aman Sutdhar, Anita Meet, Sherry Agarwal, Hashneen Chauhan, Hobby Dhaliwal, Tarsem Paul, Raman Dhagga, Vishal Saini, Bunty, Arundeep, Dilavar Sidhu, Tata Benipal, Parmveer Singh and Satwant Kaur.

So to read our review about this series, continue reading ahead!  


The story is about Jaskaran (Jassa), a gold medalist in rifle-shooting whose father’s only dream is for his son to win a gold medal and get a good job. Jassa even goes to fulfill his father’s wish but while he is gone, a mishap happens (which we won’t spoil for you!) After that, something else happens too due to which Jassa turns into a gangster. Also Read: Headline: New Web-Series Announced, Aman Sutdhar To Lead!

So this story is about a person who on one hand wants to play for the nation and on the other, turns into a gangster for revenge! We often see so many people turn into criminals so this story is about a common man, who wants to do good but turns to the dark side just because of corruption and circumstance. The director Taj has tried to bring out the harsh reality which has not been shown before this.


The lead role—played by Navi Bhangu is good, however, his true potential comes forth only after he transforms into a gangster. Along with him is Aman Sutdhar, an actor who has been in the Punjabi industry for so long. We had high expectations from him so we should acknowledge that his acting has been up to mark. Plus, the way he has supported Navi Bhangu is truly commendable. It is also important to mention that he has worked well on his physique!

Next, talking about the lead actress in the series, which is Sherry Agarwal. Whenever Sherry comes on screen, the momentum of the series breaks. This is because it is very evident that the actress is talking in Hindi and not Punjabi. So whenever ‘Neha’ (Sherry Agarwal’s character) speaks, it causes a disconnect for the audience. We feel that the casting for the leads is essential for the success or failure of a series and the lead actress in this case, does not work! Also Read: Aman Dhaliwal Introduces His New Project!

Other than this, everyone else did a great job according to their roles. We absolutely have to mention that the character Monty was played fabulously. Even though his screen time lasted for only three episodes, his dialogue delivery and acting were remarkable. Coming to our own, Mr. KaMaal from ‘Gedi Song of the Week’, he has a comic character— Goli. He is the newest addition in Punjabi cinema out of all the actors involved and considering that, his acting has been up to the mark.  


As far as directing goes, we feel that the director Taj has done a good job, but it is nothing extraordinary. There can be a few improvements in the whole series overall. One of the things was that during some of the flashbacks, there is a little disorientation. For example, when Monty is telling Jassa about an incident, in the flashback once there is a gunshot but then in another scene, there was just a gunshot sound but no actual firing. Then there were a few jump cuts which caused us to miss the whole action. However, there are no major setbacks in the series. Also Read: Here’s A List Of Evergreen Punjabi Folk Songs!

Lastly, the acting in the series is great, except Sherry Agarwal. The direction is good, except for a few points. The storyline and execution have been really impressive because they are trying to throw light on a matter of concern that hasn’t been talked about yet. Overall, the series is something that might appeal to the Punjabi audience because of the cast and plot.

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