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Know Why Anurag Singh Chided Harish Verma When He Came To Him With A Request!

By: Harleen Kaur | August 5, 2021

Right from the day, Harish Verma has stepped into this industry, his tuning with Anurag Singh has been like a brother. Even today whenever he gets an opportunity, he takes a moment to thank Anurag Singh. Be it his first movie or be it his first song, on both occasions, it was Anurag Singh on the director’s chair.

As per Harish, Anurag for him has been like an elder brother, a mentor and a guide who has been holding his hands right from the day he stepped into this industry. Harish says he does consult Anurag before taking any big decision of his life and Anurag guides him like an elder family member on each such occasion.

Recently during a chat with an online portal, Harish revealed that when he went to Anurag with an idea of trying his hand into singing and he wanted him to direct video of his song, but Anurag straightaway chided him by saying “Dude are you crazy, don’t even think of doing it.” This was so because akin to many, even Anurag believed that this move might backfire very badly if anything goes wrong. Also Read : We Bet You Didn’t Notice Sonu Sood In Late Singer Surjit Bindrakhia’s Song!

However Harish was in no mood to give up as he wanted only Anurag to direct his first song, therefore he took a different path to convince Anurag. He started building a perception around Anurag that he can sing decently. For this, he used to send him a recording of his singing  sessions, would sing a song in his presence and did whatever it would take to make him believe in his idea.

This sweet hammering finally worked out for Harish as it made Anurag believe that his brother can sing. So when Harish got convinced that his job is done, he went to Anurag with the same old request but with utter caution. So when a nervous Harish opened up about his request, Anurag gave his nod by saying “You are my brother, anything for you.” Also Read : Do You Know Jimmy Sheirgill Never Wanted To Be An Actor?

Thus Harish’s wish was finally fulfilled on 16th August 2016 when his song “Ek vaari hor soch lae” was released with Anurag Singh’s name in the column ‘directed by’. May God bless you both!

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