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Woohoo! AP Dhillon's 'Ma Belle' Selected As 'Sound Of The Olympics' In Tokyo Olympics 2020!

By: Krishma | July 27, 2021

We have often seen sports and music often complimenting each other. Why just sports actually music is considered to be the language of the spirit. Now, the biggest sports event, ‘Tokyo Olympics 2020’ , which started on July 23 and going to culminate on Aug 8 in Tokyo, Japan will be even more memorable as will leave every Punjabi out there even more proud.

If you are wondering why? So, let us tell you, the current Punjabi sensation AP Dhillon’s latest released song, ‘Ma Belle’ featuring Amari is selected as “Sound of the Olympics” representing India and Canada. Now, this is something really big!

Now, not just our athletes from Punjab are representing the nation but this contribution is surely going to take our music onto global pedestal.  Well, let us tell you, this selection becomes even more remarkable as AP Dhillon is one of the artists who is chosen amongst the 12-chart topping artists all over the world to represent their countries at the biggest sports event. Also Read : Wow! Guru Randhawa To Mark His Acting Debut With A Bollywood Movie- Details Inside!

Let us tell you, AP Dhillon’s ‘Ma Belle’ had entered Apple Canada's Top 100 during its release week of July 15 and garnered more than 2 million views on YouTube and 1 million plays on Spotify. Also Read : Actress Tanvi Nagi Announces Her New Clothing Line ‘Tanvi Nagi Closet’!

Needless to say, this young youth sensation brings every time something new and versatility in his lyrics and compositions is what adding to his much-deserved popularity every day. 


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