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Punjabi Groom's Falling Pajama During Laavan Has Gone Viral!

By: Team | July 11, 2016

In a hilarious video that was recently uploaded on YouTube, a groom has an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction in the middle of the laavan ceremony.

On the D-day, with butterflies in the tummy and loads of love fluttering through the eyes, this kind of an incident is nothing less than a god forbid situation.

We all know that the wedding day is the most memorable day in one's life. There's so much happening around the boy and the girl that there is just no time for an embarrassing situation like the one which has happened with this poor fellow and also is creating waves on internet.

Here's the video:

Standing there holding his pajama, he calls for help and his mother comes to his rescue. Thankfully everyone sees the funny side to the whole affair and starts laughing. thing is for sure..this couple and the witnesses have a lifelong story to tell their future generations :-)

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