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Singer Lehmber Hussainpuri Gives Clarification On The Viral Videos Doing The Rounds!

By: Krishma | June 14, 2021

Singer Lehmber Hussainpuri has been making a lot of headlines in the recent past after he was alleged of domestic violence with wife, children and sister-in-law. However, the issue was resolved by the Punjab women commission after which the couple reconciled.  

Now, today, Lehmber came live on his social media after he got to know several videos of the couple fighting gone viral. In the live video, he can be seen sitting with his family including his wife and three children.

The singer clarified that the videos that are being circulated are the old videos that are being leaked by some closed family member who wish to ruin his image. Infact, the video has also been morphed and edited who wish to present an image that the couple is not living happily. However, these videos have already been presented in front of the court of law. Therefore, he urged the people to not react and pay attention to those videos. Also Read : Lehmber Hussainpuri Reconciles With Wife, Relatives Barred From Interfering In Their Lives!

Not only this, Rosy Rani, wife of Lehmber has also confirmed that the couple is happy. It was just a misunderstanding which is now sorted out and no other family member has a role to play in the incident that happened. Check out the full video here :

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