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A ‘Stealing’ Incident That Proves Afsana Khan Was A Mischievous Kiddo!

By: Krishma | June 12, 2021

Afsana Khan in a very short span of time has won millions of hearts. Well, the success was sure to find her way after a lot of struggles that started way back from the stage of reality shows. Well, Afsana has surely become a huge star as we know her today but just like every child Afsana Khan too had a childhood filled with fun and naughty incidents.Don’t believe? So, here is a hilarious incident that can leave you in splits and proves Afsana to be a roguish in her childhood days!

So, once Afsana went to a shop with her sister to purchase curd and outside that shop there was a basket of mangoes. Little Afsana got very fascinated looking at those mangoes and picked one of it from the basket and came out of the shop to wait for her sister. The Shopkeeper had caught her stealing those mangoes. So, he asked Afsana’s sister if the little girl was with her? Surprisingly, her sister refused to know Afsana and went on to say that she was not with her. Also Read : Here's All You Want To Know About Afsana Khan's Beau- Saajz!

Well, shopkeeper came to Afsana and took away the mangoes leaving Afsana embarrassed and told her to not ‘steal’ ever again as it is a bad habit

Haha…well, that is such a cute incident! Isn’t it? Needless to say, Afsana Khan with all her superhit tracks manages to win or ‘steal’ whatever you say millions of hearts every time.


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