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Actor Malkeet Rauni Lashes Out At The ‘King’ Of The Nation!

By: Krishma | May 12, 2021

The ongoing lockdown scenario has obviously led to a lot of issues. Be it adding to a lot of trauma because of the rising cases or the people losing their jobs. Everybody is an eye-witness to the economy that literally collapsed because of the lockdown that happened during the last year and even the ongoing guidelines has put a halt in so many industries. Obviously, the food sector and entertainment industry are also one of the industries that are being hit the worst.

The ongoing scenario throws a lot of questions on the system and our authorities.  Well, this is one of the reasons now veteran actor Malkeet Rauni has come forward to lash out on the ‘King’ of the nation. Here’s the Facebook post that he shared tomorrow which reads “Main Kalaakar mera rozgaar gair zaroori hai...tan mera vote vi gair zaroori hai....jis desh de lok bhookhe maran te raja sutta peya howe...uss desh ne ki tarakki karni hai".

Malkeet Rauni is known for his performances in the movies like Ardaas, Jinde Meriyee and several others. Also Read : Ajay Jethi Announces His New Production House ‘Masala Life Films’

Well, what is your opinion on this?

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