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Priyanka Chopra Was Once A Model For This Punjabi Singer!

By: Maddy | July 8, 2016

She is the hottest Chopra around and has definitely gone a very long way in terms of her career, looks and off course her acting skills.

Priyanka Chopra, the Indian hottie who can be seen on global billboards today, was once a model for our loud pitched Sardaarji, Daler Mehendi!

We recently came across this old video of Sajan Mere Satrangiya by Mr.Mehendi who was seen doing some high voltage dance steps. This Tips release shows a young PC, all of 17 years playing the damsel in distress; the concept seems to have been inspired from Cinderella.

And guess what??

None other than Daler is her knight in shining armour!

Sajan Mere Satrangiya is a song from Daler Mehendi’s album Ek Dana.

Priyanka Chopra might have been a teenager, but there is no denying the fact that the actress was destined to be in showbiz. Even in an album song, Bollywood’s this heroine manages to showcase her acting chops. There are also some very funny moments in this video that will make you go ROFL!

Like Daler’s miniature resting on the actress’ shoulder while she enters the concert venue. We’re sure that filmmakers showed faith in the actress for more than her good looks and hot personality. While her sartorial choices might not be the best in this video, a look at her current fashion outings and you will know that Priyanka Chopra has evolved.

Check it out:

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