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Sharry Maan Shares An Emotional Post In Remembrance Of His Mother

By: Krishma | March 30, 2021

Sharry Maan who is known for the songs like 'Yaar Anmulle', 'Dil Da Dimaag', 'Saade Aala' and several others lost his mother last year on July 18, 2019. Her sudden demise left Sharry in utmost grief. He was very close to her. Recently in her rememberance Sharry shared a heartfelt note for her mother on his social media on the occasion of Holi.

Sharing a photograph with a smile on his face he wrote, “Ik sach gall dassan taan maa de bimaar hon ton baad naa likhya gya te naa gaya dil khush na howe taan social media te fake smile karan da ki fayda? Menu pata tusi oss puraane sharry maan nu miss krde hon te ona hi miss main v kardan....Ajj holi de din ton dubara koshish shuru kardan rang bharan di apni life ch...ehe holi sabh lyi khushi lai ke aawe...specially mere lyi...thonu v pata banda main sahi aan bas thora jazbaati aan....lub u all”( if I tell you a truth, after my mother’s illness I could not write and sing anything….if your mind is not happy then what is the purpose of posing with a fake smile on social media? I know you miss old Sharry Maan and I miss him too…today, on the occasion of Holi I’ll try to fill colours in my life again…I wish this Holi brings happiness in your life…. especially in my life…even you know I am a good person but I am a little emotional…love you all)

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