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5 Punjabi Songs To Help You Deal With Your Breakup 

By: Krishma | March 22, 2021

Breaking up with your partner is never easy, even if you’re initiating the end of the relationship. With a range of emotions connected, you need to find the short-term and long-term steps to clear the breakup blues. Music is known to be an effective strategy for helping people through tough times. Without getting much into the scientific details of the music and emotions, you can use it for breakups too. 

While there are plenty of sad Punjabi songs that will help you shed barrels of tears, you won’t require that at this point in time, do you? 

We, at GhaintPunjab, have compiled a list of 5 Punjabi songs that uplift your mood in no time!


Karan Aujla has mastered the art of creating peppy songs that not only make your body dance to its beats but also make you feel better. “Hint” is the most positive, modern-day breakup song that describes how a man was ignoring the hints of heartbreak given by his partner. 

Chandigarh Waliye

If you and your partner broke up due to a significant amount of differences in lifestyles, you have to listen to Chandigarh Waliye by Ranjit Bawa. The song portrays the emotional strain one has to go through to make a relationship work. 


Pachtaoge was a song that not only topped the charts in Bollywood but also in the Punjabi entertainment industry. The intriguing lyrics by our very own, Jaani, describes the pain of a heartbreak keeping emotions away. 

5 Taara

If we are talking about the best Punjabi songs, leaving Diljit out of the picture would be a big mistake. The versatile singer gave the biggest blockbuster to the Punjabi industry in the name of “5 Taara”. “Feeling ch sun le romantic song ni” cannot be more relatable. 

Feel free to dance for one of the happiest breakup songs ever! 

Vadda Bai

“We should move on Angreji vich bada kem kaha tu” by Sharry Maan will give you all the energy you need to move and find a new life. Also, it is one of the best peppy songs in the Punjabi music industry. 

Leaving behind all the memories is difficult but we, Punjabi, are known to make the most of every situation. Now, it’s time for you to make the most of this list of happy Punjabi breakup songs. Make music your hobby and sing your sorrows away! Also Read: Do You Know Sharry Maan Had Created A Fake Id On Social Media Once!


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