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You Will Be Shocked To Hear Khan Bhaini’s Take On Punjabi Industry!

By: Krishma | March 18, 2021

Khan Bhaini is the latest sensation to pave his way to success in the Punjabi industry with his immense hard work and superhit tracks. You'll never hear the man talk about his struggle phase because he believes that everyone goes through some sort of struggle not only in musical industry but in every field, which yields results later. He is a very private kind of person who wants people to know and love him for his work. 

Bille Bille Naina Waliye

Not many know but his first superhit song ‘bille bille naina valiye’ was composed when he heard the tune on YouTube and liked the composition and created a song out of it which he later uploaded on SoundCloud. Slowly and gradually, he garnered appreciation and that is how he got his start. 

For the love of his songs and creativity, he once stated that he would want 2 out of his 10 songs to nurture his creative satisfaction atleast, irrespective of the response he is going to get from his audience. 

Khan Bhaini’s take on Punjabi industry!

In an interview, Khan admitted that Punjabi music industry is very dynamic. The kind of songs that people of yesteryears liked were different and accepted that the choice of people keeps changing. Quoting an example of Amrinder Gill’s ‘Dildaariyan’ he said, the songs with simple lyrics and melody are evergreen songs. He even went on to say that his kids might not like his songs and the generation to come might not even listen to Punjabi songs. Also Read: Is Punjabi Music Industry Actually As Influential As Claimed By Its Stakeholders? Check Out Some Facts And Figures!

Well, we cannot predict the future of our Punjabi industry but the way it is growing every day, I think its gonna do a lot of wonders and touch the skies.

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