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 ‘As An Actor Cum Fashion Designer, Here's What Shiwani Saini Considers The Biggest Fashion Blunder People Make!

By: Krishma | March 9, 2021

You would agree that celebrities have one of the best dress senses in the world. Thanks to their innovative fashion designers, we can hardly see any fashion blunders from their side. They are, in fact, the ones who set trends in the market. But did you know we have an actress who is a fashion designer too? Shiwani Saini, who has worked in films such as ‘Happy Go Lucky’, Sarabjit and Ikko Mikke, has graduated from National Institute of Fashion and Technology (NIFT). 

In an exclusive interview with GhaintPunjab, Shiwani Saini gave her opinions on what she considers is the biggest fashion blunder people make. 

She admitted that following a fashion trend is a good thing, but following it blindfolded is something she doesn't suggest. She said, "Before you pursue a trend, you should know your body type and have a knowledge of the type of clothing that will complement your body. One should also consider the conditions of day and night when choosing their outfits.”

While everybody has the right to choose the type of clothing that they want to wear, it is important to choose the type of clothing that will suit their body type. It's going to be the best opportunity to enhance their good looks. On whether there’s a type of fashion that would suit every body type, keeping in mind the on-going trend of Pinterest and curvy fashion, Shiwani proposes that it basically comes with two things. She said, “Being confident and comfortable is a perfect answer for this. If one is confident about the way he/she looks and is comfortable about what he/she is wearing, it could increase their style statement.”  Also Read: Are Males Equally Subject To Casting Couch Practices? Have A Look At What Dinesh Mohan Has To Say!

Talking about the uncomfortable clothes, she said that she has been in a similar place herself where she chose the dress just because it was really attractive. However, people could easily notice that she was not comfortable because of her body language. Also Read: Shiwani Saini Makes Shocking Revelations About Punjabi & South Film Industry!

Do you want to know about how she bagged the role in Sarabjit? Watch the full interview here. 






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