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This Is What Bups Saggu Finds Common Between Karan Aujla And Sidhu Moosewala

By: Krishma | February 17, 2021

Bups Saggu known for his chartbusters ‘Photo Rakh Ke’ and ‘Matha Tekiya’ is a popular choice among DJs and is a very talented music maker. Bups is known for his peppy beats and hip-hop music. ‘Gal Dil Di’ is the latest music track by this talented artist. In his candid live interview with Ghaint Punjab Bups Saggu talks about his journey from being a tabla player to the busiest DJs of UK. 

Not many know Bups Saggu is a short name for Bhupinder Saggu. He was inclined towards the music from a very young age. He started playing Tabla and then joined as a Dholi player with The Safri Boys and toured the world with them. Gradually, he developed a love for the art of DJing. But this was not it as he then followed his growing passion for music production. Today, the multi-talented man is a professional musician who performs worldwide. Also Read: Karan Aujla Lashes Out At Garry Sandhu's Appeal To Avoid Violent Songs!

Bups talks about Karan Aujla and Sidhu Moosewala

When asked about his Top 5 favourite music vocalists, Since Bups has an immense love for Hip Hop music he immediately mentioned the name of two superstars of Pollywood Industry,Karan Aujla and Sidhu Moosewala. ‘‘The music industry needed something like this from a long time, what both these artists are offering. I have a huge appreciation and support for both. I would love to work with both of them’’, says Bups in his interview. Also Read: Sidhu Moosewala Interview : "The Response To My Leaked Track Proved To Be A Big Motivation!"

Bups Saggu also shares that he has some big singers listed on his upcoming music album. We wish Bups great luck and success for his upcoming album and other future projects.


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