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Reason Why Jimmy Shergill Generally Plays The Cop!

By: Prakriti | May 13, 2016

He's the man with a killer smile who will make your heart melt the moment he says Hanji Sat Sri Akal Ji! A clear headed celebrity who has spent quite sometime in the industry and has finally emerged as the most sorted person with regards to what he wants from others and off course himself, in life.

Though he has been around and has imbibed many characteristics for his roles but there is generally a similarity between the characters he chooses to play onscreen.

Have you ever noticed the commonness in the roles that Jimmy Shergill does ?

[caption id="attachment_3193" align="alignnone" width="640"]jimmy shergill Source: forbes[/caption]

The ATS Officer ( A Wednesday ), The army officer ( Yahaan ), the recent one in Traffic or his upcoming flick Madaari, are someway connected to the armed forces.

The reason behind this was revealed by him in an exclusive interview where he shared that If he had not been an actor he would be in the armed forces.

Years ago, he had even applied for the selection process but well..destiny had something else in store for him. Though he wasn’t selected but today he is living his dream by doing these roles in his films.

And we all know that he is the most handsome cop around! ;-)

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