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Here's Why GhaintPunjab Refuses To Review Zorawar

By: Gurleen | May 8, 2016

For all those who are already steaming and reading this article with clenched teeth RELAX! We are not creating any negativity here but this is our way of welcoming the unmatchable music director back to the Punjabi industry.

I went to see Zorawar with a perception in my mind about Honey Singh and his acting skills but what I carried back home after watching the movie was a completely new Honey and that too with much respect.

review zorawar

Hats Off to PTC Motion pictures for believing in this project when no one else did. I personally felt glad to see Honey on the big screen and openly confess that yes I have missed him and his music!

Well the movie does have it's share of flaws but you know what, I refuse to let any negativity or pitfall overshadow the happy feeling that I have inside me right now after watching Honey Singh on big screen after so long. I mean literally, this guy has made it out alive from a deadly medical condition such as Bipolar disorder and being judgmental about his comeback film would be, atleast for me, a dishonor to this fighter.

No matter how many controversies are already there in his kitty, we have to confess that no one in this industry is practically doodh ka dhula. So rather than pointing fingers at people, we should appreciate the good work that is being done and that too at a global level.

We have celebrated actors, cricketers and others who have survived and bounced back from their medical conditions and now Ghaint Punjab is proud to welcome the globally recognized brand YO YO Honey Singh back to the industry!

Even if I am are not reviewing the movie, I'd certainly like to tell the audiences about the top 5 reasons why you SHOULD  go and watch Zorawar :

1)Honey Singh has matured as an actor so much so that he leaves you with a lasting impression. Very unlike his last Punjabi movie, Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22, Honey impresses the viewers with his enhanced acting skills. He has a unique style of his own, especially the rap way of dialogue delivery. You'll understand once you see this movie and I am sure you'll smile when he's rapping.

review zorawar

2)Zorawar's immensely strong supporting cast will excite you as a viewer. Actors like Mukul Dev, Pawan Malhotra and Achint Kaur have all performed so well that it makes the complete package worthy of your time.

review zorawar

3)Honey Singh's songs are a treat to the ears. After so long, the trademark style of Honey Singh in his songs leaves you with a fresh mind. Overdone with the dhol beats and the typical Punjabi songs flooding the market everyday, Honey's music seems like a breathe of fresh air. Especially, I'm a favourite from the movie.

4)The climax of the movie and the way it unfolds is applaudable. In the beginning you might feel a little yawny(is that even a word??) but trust me the second half is worth waiting for. The cohesion between Honey and Mukul takes the film to an all together different  level.

review zorawar

5) Parul Gulati is a treat for the eyes. This girl is just the right combination of good looks and great dialogue delivery. On the other hand when Bani enters the frame, both the characters compliment each other's uniqueness very aptly. Thirdly, Achint Kaur is the only actor who could and has carried this role so effortlessly. It was a pleasure to watch all three ladies and I personally wish to see them more in Punjabi cinema.

review zorawar review zorawar

Finally summing up my blog, here's a warm hug to Honey Singh for coming back to the industry and hoping that soon we will be hearing some amazing songs coming from him, the way we are used to. By the way, Zorawar's tracks are all worthy of appreciation.

Honey Singh...Welcome Back! :-)

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