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Ashish Duggal Plays Dilawar Singh In Gawachi Pagg

By: Gurleen | May 5, 2016


You come to know that an actor has a lot of experience when he expresses his emotions through his eyes! Same is the case with this amazing actor Ashish Duggal. His deep red, big eyes can terrorize any hero, especially when he comes onscreen in a police officer's attire.

In Gawachi Pagg's latest poster, Ashish Duggal can be seen in the uniform of Punjab Police and his character's name is Dilawar Singh.

Check out the poster:

ashish duggal

When we asked Mr.Duggal about this character, he stated, "Dilawar Singh is not actually a negative character but a hardcore policeman but with a heart. We all have to realise that a police personnel is also a human and has emotions. At times, certain transformations turn things in a complete different way."

Sitting along with him was the Director of the movie Navtej Sandhu. When we asked this duo about their journey for Gawachi Pagg, here's what they said.

Besides Ashish, the other popular face which will mark it's presence in Gawachi Pagg is that of Japtej Singh. Basically, the story revolves around this young boy who loses his turban in a hustle bustle at Shri Harmandir Sahib, a few days after the controversial, operation Blue Star.

ashish duggal

The casting of these award winning actors by the Director has certainly been a wise decision and has raised the hopes from this movie a lot.

Eagerly waiting for it's release!

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