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Psst: Have You Also Heard The Rumours About Sonam Bajwa's Secret Marriage?

By: Gossip Monger | April 29, 2020

The most desirable actress of Punjabi Cinema, Sonam Bajwa has reportedly tied the knot. Surprised? even we were when we got to know that the wedding happened last year and no one had even the slightest clue that the damsel is now a married woman! did we come to know? - Well...sources 

Is Sonam Bajwa's husband an actor too?

Though there was buzz that the actress is dating cricketer KL Rahul and the duo was seen posting mushy comments on each other's pictures, but nothing concrete was seen later that could confirm their relationship. In her initial days in the industry, her name was also linked to Diljit Dosanjh. 

Now here, you must be wondering who has she finally settled with. So the answer is, not a cricketer, neither an actor, the man is a pilot. 

According to inside sources, Sonam and her beau have been in a relationship for quite a long time. Though, a few months ago, they did fallout due to a conflict over priorities in the relationship and the man had even (nearly) tied the knot with one of Sonam's dear friends who also happens to be an actress in Punjabi films but soon they walked their own paths and the man was back to his lady love. From what we know, Sonam wanted to focus on her career as she's currently riding high on success but the man wanted to settle down and insisted that they tie the knot. When Sonam turned down his proposal, he went on to marry her friend but soon realised that Sonam is the one he wants in his life. 

What is the name of Sonam Bajwa's husband?

We've found out that Sonam's husband is Rakshit Agnihotri. The man is a commercial pilot and the couple had tied the nuptial knot on 23rd September 2019. How do we know? We stalked Rakshit's profile! (DUH)

sonam bajwa husband

Even the golden retriever Simba has been gifted to Sonam by this man, say sources. 

So now all we can say is that if this is true then we're happy for the couple and wish them eternal happiness and we don't even blame the actress for keeping this new development under the wraps because you see...this is showbiz. We're speculating that the couple must have had a hush-hush wedding when Sonam's brother recently tied the knot in Delhi, as the whole family was there. And if you see the comments on Rakshit's post about marriage, it is evident that the marriage was a pretty secretive affair. 

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A Sikh girl, Sonam turned to read Bible and even has a Jesus tattoo on her left hand's ring finger. It probably is due to her man who is into the Bible too. She is often seen sharing quotes from the holy book. 

Oh, by the way, Sonam's planning to don the producer's hat soon! 


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