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Only Few Might Know That Shivendra Mahal Has Also Done An Art Movie!

By: Harleen Kaur | March 17, 2021

Though the fashion of doing art cinema among mainstream actors would have gained popularity in recent times but actors like Shivendra Mahal have shown the courage of doing it when this trend was not as popular as it is today.

Shivendra Mahal took the risk of doing art cinema when commercial cinema was completely dominating the scenario. In that era, the makers of art cinema used to have a tough time catering to even the minimum resource requirements for their projects so getting a release or publicity was a distant phenomenon.

But despite all these odds, actors like Shivendra Mahal, Om Puri, and Nirmal Rishi took up this stream ahead of enormous personal benefits. And their efforts were the key reason why Art cinema or Parallel Cinema was able to survive in those circumstances.

Whenever we talk about Shivendra Mahal we mostly end up discussing his movies like Patwari, Baaghi Soormey, Dharti, Mel Karade Rabba, to name a few but in this process, we often end up ignoring some of his classic works that thoroughly deserve to be mentioned. One such timeless classic is 'Adarsh.'

Although you won't find much about this movie over the internet but even today in cinematic circles, this movie is regarded as one of the finest movies. In Adarsh, Mahal played the role of a spoiled brat of a wealthy landlord. And that's how his journey of art cinema started.

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Remember this was the time when Shivendra Mahal's career was at its peak in the commercial scene but then too, he took the risk of drifting away from it. After Adarsh, Shivendra Mahal did yet another art movie that went down into his CV as a badge of honor. The movie was based in a remote village of Uttar Pradesh that depicted the challenges of lifestyle. However, the unfortunate part of the story is that it never ever reached the theatre.

And even today it awaits a release.

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