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Zakhmi Trailer Review: Only Dev Kharoud Can Pull Off Such Films With Ease!

By: Prakriti | January 17, 2020

The trailer of the upcoming movie Zakhmi has released today. The movie, which is under the banner of Speed Records and Binnu Dhillon Productions will be releasing on 7th February 2020. Zakhmi is written and directed by Inderpal Singh .

Zakhmi Trailer

Review:  The trailer opens with an angered man and his injured daughter. Then we see him single handedly fighting the evil who have been disrupting his love life and later his family life. This angry young man is played by Dev Kharoud. The story movies back and forth in time showing instances from his college days and then when he is a father. In the rut of protecting his daughter he kills, hits and breaks the bones of the goons.

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The story seems to be average and doesn't excite much but Dev's presence has raised the bar. He looks convincing and impressive in each scene and after watching the trailer one thought that comes to our mind is - Are the Singham Punjabi makers watching?? Speaking from the Punjabi point of view, I believe only Dev Kharoud can pull off such dramatic acts with ease else, the actor does the action but the jolt is missing. 

The actress Anchal has little to do in the trailer and we guess that the case will be the same when we watch the movie. The background score is complementing the screenplay but the only thing which I found absurd is why show so much oscillation in time in the trailer itself?

This action packed drama full of blood and emotions seems to be quite predicable. Hoping that the performances lift up the movie.




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