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Warning Trailer Review: Dark & Gritty – Prince KJ Outshines Already As The Lead!

By: Prakriti | January 17, 2020

The trailer of the upcoming web series Warning has released on YouTube. Directed by Amar Hundal, the series will be releasing on 28th January 2020. 

Have a look at the trailer and then read our take on it:

Review: The upcoming web series seems to be dark and gritty from the trailer. There is mafia-ism all around. All we understand is that Prince KJ, who is a vella banda ( idle man ) wants to kill a mafia named Jagga. The plot seems to be interesting but quite dark which implies that not everyone can watch this series and the dialogues are pretty quirky.

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Talking about the faces onscreen, we see many of them in various roles. But Price KJ being the most prominent one out of the lot seems to be the lead actor of this series. Well, he suits the role he is given and impresses us with his dialogues and act already. The good part is that the makers are sticking to the genre and not diverting by showing some romantic or comedy angle in this one. The background score sees to complement the on-going story. Cinematically, the locations and the shots also look impressive.

Not judging the book by its cover, we want to see how deep, dark and dirty this story gets as the episodes unfold. 

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