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Serious Allegations Surface Against Sidhu Moosewala By A Canadian Girl!

By: Harleen Kaur | January 10, 2020

Just today, we told you that two of Sidhu Moosewala's shows in the UK got cancelled for a god-knows-what reason and now, a piece of fresh news has come to us which is way more serious.

According to a report by DailyEntXpress, the Moga police has released details of a complaint raised against Sidhu Moosewala by a female named Kamaldeep Kaur from Brampton, Canada. This case also has a link to England.

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The police have released a written statement that was sent to them. Kamaldeep Kaur has alleged in the statement that Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala was a good friend of hers and her family when he first came to Canada. The letter alleges that they had helped the singer financially during the time when he was still a student. When they asked for the money back, they got threats by Sidhu, she said. 

As Sidhu's popularity grew, the man tried to distance himself from Kamaldeep and her family. Not just this, even Kamaldeep's brother who is in Punjab, had received threats from people alleging to be from Sidhu's team, from a phone number that's registered in the UK. 

In the letter, Kamaldeep has mentioned that she has gone to RCMP and they have decided that there is NO case to answer. It was at this point she called the Moga Police who then asked her to put the complaint in writing.

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A registered therapist in Canada, Kamaldeep Kaur is mother to an eight-year-old. In the statement, Kamldeep has also stated that she and Sidhu Moosewala were even set to get into a personal alliance but that didn't happen. Now, on demanding and explanation to him about the distancing and wanting their money back, Kamaldeep and her family are allegedly being threatened both in Canada and Punjab.

Sidhu Moosewala's father has shrugged his shoulders, in this case, saying that he isn't aware of any such thing. On the other hand, the police could also not find any actual transaction between the parties.

Going by the reports, it is still unclear whether the complaint filed by Kamaldeep is even relevant but from the previous track record of some singers, chances are that the allegations could be true.

The Moga police have also confirmed that no call recordings are available.

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