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Rewind 2019: 10 Punjabi Film Directors Who Failed To Impress Us This Year!

By: Prakriti | December 26, 2019

The year 2019 has been a twisted ride for the Punjabi film industry. We have seen many makers trying their hands-on new subjects, some passed with flying box office reports while others have failed miserably. We had high hopes from some directors and films but after walking out of the theatre, we realized that the following films were a complete disappointment. Though the performances were not to be blamed in these films, it was the director's vision and treatment of the subject that made us wonder - what were you even thinking! 

Here's our list of those Directors and their films which failed to impress us in 2019:

1) Pankaj Batra's High End Yaariyan: Pankaj Batra has been in the industry for a long time and has delivered some great films like Bambukat, Channo, and more. This year he gave us High End Yaariyan, a modernized story about friendship and love which was quite cliché and disappointing. The movie had nothing novel except the exotic locations. The story and direction were both pretty disappointing.

2) Navaniat Singh's Singham: Another seasoned director giving such a poor product this year, came as a shock to us. The Punjabi remake of the hit Bollywood movie Singham was quite miserable. Instead of being an action movie it was quite an over-exaggerated laughter riot for the audiences who were not only agitated by what's going on on the screen but the motive of it all, topped with Parmish's disastrous performance. 

3) Baljit Singh Deo’s Daaka: The team and the director we certainly had high hopes from. Daaka failed to create any thrill or excitement and it was more like a kid's channel movie than a feature film for the audiences. The film lost pace and direction but the ultimate feeling was - what's the point of this film? We surely expected much more from this one than a crap movie.

4) Amarjit Singh’s Jhalle: Amarjit Singh, Sargun Mehta, and Binnu Dhillon looked like a promising team after Kala Shah Kala but Jhalle was an inappropriate 'Disability Based' film leaving us miffed and angry at the poor quality treatment of this sensitive subject. The movie looked novel in the trailer but turned out to be quite absurd. 

5) Uday Pratap’s Dil Diyan Gallan: A loud movie with poor characterization and a storyline which was nothing but a waste of time and money. Wamiqa’s shrill voice saying Natasha Waraich still resonates in my ears while I write this. Somewhere while showing the pain of a student struggling to survive overseas mixed with a love story, the movie went haywire. The young director should have been focused and mastered at least one angle of it but sadly he tried too much in one movie itself.

6) Smeep Kang’s Band Vaaje: Smeep didn’t try anything new but he sadly failed at a genre at which he is best at. The movie was full of cliché jokes, annoying accents, and a poor storyline. Having experienced actors and director, this movie still turned out to be a disaster.

7) Jagdeep Sidhu’s Surkhi Bindi: Jagdeep has given us movies like Qismat and Shadaa, our expectations are high from him. But we were let down by his Surkhi Bindi. The movie wasn’t that impactful as it looked in the trailer. Somewhere amidst so many elements the real message was not very powerfully shown. The film lost pace at many points and couldn't evoke the feeling that it was supposed to in our minds. 

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8) Imran Sheikh’s Nadhoo Khan: Nadhoo Khan was a film that left us totally disappointed and we wondered how people come up with such ideas! It does nothing for the sport and speaks nothing of the mighty achievements of any wrestler named Nadhoo Khan. A disaster made with a team that presumably had no clue where they're heading. In simple words - this one was full of 'shit'.

9) Kamaljit’s Saak: Saak was one of the disasters of 2019. The movie was a boring mix of everything which didn’t make sense to us. It was such a waste of money and time and there was absolutely nothing that we could look up to in the movie. Joban though is a promising actor but he wouldn't go a long way with films like these.

10) Hriday Shetty’s Mitti Virasat Babbaran Di: This movie looked content-rich from its first look itself but it was such a disappointment to watch. It was a bland historical drama that couldn’t do justice to the real Babbar’s of the movement.

Many other films came and went, while some even went unnoticed but the above mentioned projects were those that we had hopes from. Some had a strong word of mouth while the others had teams with some great achievements in their kitty. In the coming year, we look forward to better films coming our way, atleast from these directors. 

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