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After Ardaas Franchise, Gippy Grewal Now Brings A Dose Of 'Playboy' For Punjabis!

By: Harleen Kaur | November 26, 2019

Gippy Grewal's Ardaas franchise has been a massive hit and there's no denying the fact that his commercial market has grown a lot ever since. He has not only gathered huge collections at the box office but has also established himself as a brand that's producing sensible content for the Punjabi film lovers. 

The other franchise that has worked well for him is Manje Bistre. Though the sequel of this movie couldn't do that well at the box office but the first one was a smashing hit. A while ago, the man stepped into the digital space with his first web series titled 'Warning'. The poster of this web series created a stir for promoting violence and weaponry, against which a complaint was also filed by Prof Dhannervar. 

Now, Gippy's forthcoming Punjabi song Kithe Chale O will bring a dose of 'playboy' for the Punjabi audiences. A social media influencer, Amanda Cerny became Playboy’s Playmate in October 2011 and after that, she started modeling. She is also known for her comedy sketches and more. In case you wish to google more about her then chances are that you'll end up ogling at unclothed pictures of this newly found Punjabi model. 

Though the team looks pretty excited about this collaboration, insiders feel that this is a desperate attempt by them to attract eyeballs. After Sidhu Moosewala's 47 hit the international charts, his success has increased manifold which has taken the artist to new heights. Based on his talent and not the use of any female body or any such bait, Moosewala has proved that nothing but the right content can take even the youngest singers in the league to unmatched heights. 

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Many other singers in the Punjabi scene are now desperately trying to get into the same league, either by making more expensive music videos, requesting international artists to collaborate with them or the latest one, casting 'playboy' playmates for their videos! 

This move hasn't really gone down well with people who've watched Gippy's films like Ardaas and Ardaas Karaan as they're of the opinion that the man is yet again going astray. 

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