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Not Many Know That Baani Sandhu Was A Teacher Before Becoming A Singer!

By: Harleen Kaur | March 18, 2021

Come what may the day of 11th September will always remain unforgettable for two tribes. One will remember this day for a tragic reason while the other one will surely cherish this day.

The first one is the American tribe that lost more than 3000 people in a ghastly terror attack while another one is Punjabi industry that witnessed the resurgence of a coming age star Baani Sandhu. It was 11th September when Baani Sandhu actually announced her arrival to the music world through her chartbuster '8 Parche.'

All of sudden Baani Sandhu became a top trending keyword on Google. The social media following of '8 Parche' sensation suddenly witnessed a tremendous surge. Although this was not the first time that Baani Sandhu's tracks had made headlines. Even before '8 Parche' her songs like 'Affair,' 'Gunday Ik Vaari Fer,' and 'Sarpanchi' did fairly well but that spark was still missing.

However, '8 Parche' fetched that much-awaited spark for her. It was like a dream come true not just for Baani but also for her parents, friends, mentor Jassi Lokha and her students. Yes, you read it right, students!

Many of you may not know that Baani Sandhu used to be a teacher before turning a singer. Computer Science graduate Baani, used to teach physics and maths to intermediate students. Nonetheless, her singing talent thrived despite being engrossed in teaching.

Even her students left no opportunity of motivating her by pushing her to sing on various occasions. In one of his interviews, Baani said that her students are the actual reason she could remain active despite everything. They didn't let her lay arms even when winds were odd.

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And now when this collective dream of Baani, her parents, friends, and students has come alive, every person associated with her takes pride in being beside her.

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